Business collaboration services empower your organization to work effectively together by providing useful and reliable communication tools. These services blur the lines between voice, video, chat, and email, delivering a comprehensive communication platform for your business.

Regardless of the area that you need managed, you can count on Nutmeg Technologies to deliver the best in IT services and technology solutions.


Our Offerings

  • Communication Lifecycle Management: With expanding communication options, business communication costs continue to grow and become more complex to manage. We help you invest in the right infrastructure.
  • Managed Cloud Services for Microsoft: : Improve productivity and reduce cost with Office 365 and hybrid implementations that give you control and flexibility while delivering the services and technology.
  • Managed Cloud Services for Cisco: We support complex hybrid environments with any combination of on premises, hosted, and cloud-based services.
  • Hosted Unified Communications: Leverage from Cisco, Avaya, and Ringcentral’s market-leading unified communications applications to provide a comprehensive set of unified communications features across a wide range of end-user devices.
  • Managed Services for Virtualization: Maximize end-user adoption and ROI through strict service level agreements. For any type of network, across multiple technologies and vendors, globally and consistently.
On-Premises Phone Solutions
  • Total cost of ownership is typically lower
  • Can use existing wiring, network equipment, switches, and firewall
  • Newer systems have many of the features you get with a hosted system such as voicemail to email and mobile twinning
  • Avaya, Cisco, and ESI
Cloud PBX (VoIP)
  • Easy to install/deploy
  • Moves are a breeze, as well as adding services or employees
  • Intuitive programming
  • Less hardware means increased uptime
  • No maintenance or upgrade charges. Always on the latest release
  • Ringcentral, Cisco, and Avaya

Business collaboration simulates the same experience of a face-to-face meeting resulting in improved productivity and increased bottom line numbers.

With unified communications, your employees can contact specialists in your company quickly and easily, ultimately getting answers to your customers faster.