PC Support Solutions

With our PC Support solutions, we will focus on keeping your IT environment healthy and secure.

Patch Management:  We keep your systems and devices current and secure with the latest Microsoft updates to minimize security risks.

Anti-virus:  We help eliminate the need for multiple security products. Our solution provides anti-malware, web filtering and a two-way firewall with an Intrusion Detection System.

Ransomware:  Malware that gets on your computers, encrypts your data, and extracts a ransom for the decryption keys – is a surging new threat. We offer customized solutions tailored to the needs of your business, that increases the overall security of your business. 

Managed Backup:  backup logs are checked to x day to ensure that back-ups are successful.  Any failures or errors are logged and remedied to ensure successful back-ups in the future.

Our PC Support solutions give you the peace of mind knowing we’re proactively monitoring and addressing issues as they arise. PC Support Services are perfect for companies with basic IT knowledge, looking for guidance and remote support from expert engineers, or for IT departments who want to focus their efforts on larger IT projects. 


Help Desk Support Services
  • U.S.-based operations center 
  • End-user desktop remote access
  • Ticketing & escalation procedures
  • Client console 
  • First & second level user support
  • Logging & tracking  
Onsite Support Services
  • On-site project support
  • On-site help desk services
  • Temporary vacation fill-in
  • On-site end-user desktop support
  • Day-to-day management support
  • Regular network support schedule
Tech Support Services
  • Customized software application 
  • Latest browser updates
  • Upgrade and patch management
  • Seasoned technical experts
  • Microsoft office support
  • System optimization and management