What is patch management?

Patch management is the process that help to streamline the process of testing, approving, downloading and installing software updates. Software patches help fix those problems that exist and are noticed only after the software's initial release. Patches mostly concern security but there are some patches that concern the specific functionality of programs.

With centralized management, patching becomes simple. Patch Management, for Microsoft systems, Linux systems and 3’rd party software is critical as part of internal maintenance and security.  Doing this manually can be a large time investment and there’s no easy way to report on company-wide status.

A better way to patch

  • Reduce overhead by keeping machines up to date, reducing investment on fixing hardware.
  • Keep your data secure by making sure new vulnerabilities are addressed.
  • Keep your workstations tuned up with regular patching to increase worker productivity.
  • Spend your time on growing your business, not maintaining it.
Help Desk Support Services
  • U.S.-based operations center 
  • End-user desktop remote access
  • Ticketing & escalation procedures
  • Client console 
  • First & second level user support
  • Logging & tracking  
Onsite Support Services
  • On-site project support
  • On-site help desk services
  • Temporary vacation fill-in
  • On-site end-user desktop support
  • Day-to-day management support
  • Regular network support schedule
Tech Support Services
  • Customized software application 
  • Latest browser updates
  • Upgrade and patch management
  • Seasoned technical experts
  • Microsoft office support
  • System optimization and management