Help Desk Support Services:
  • U.S.-based operations center
  • End-user desktop remote access
  • Ticketing and escalation procedures
  • Client Console
  • First and second user support
  • Logging and tracking
Onsite Support Services:
  • On-site project support
  • On-site help desk services
  • Temporary vacation fill-in
  • On-site end-user desktop support
  • Day-to-day management support
  • Regular Network support schedule
Tech Support Services:
  • Customized software application
  • Latest browser updates
  • Upgrade and patch management
  • Season technical experts
  • Microsoft Office support

Firewalls are your first line of defense against cyber-attacks. Attack techniques are evolving, causing it to become increasingly difficult to keep intruders out while keeping your business running efficiently. This requires current security policies and constant monitoring. The labor and financial resources that are needed to implement firewall security can be overwhelming.

Nutmeg Technologies provides comprehensive firewall management services, including security log monitoring and threat analysis. Our firewall management services support any size business from large enterprises to SMBs. We offer managed firewall services with a variety of flexible, prepackaged options that support UTM firewall modules, or extended features such as IPS, web content filtering, anti-malware, web-application protection, and more.

Today’s network activities are diverse and complex. Figuring out the direct cause of poor network performance can be difficult. We help you identify and eliminate problematic blocks on your network, allowing you to reduce downtime costs, disruptions, and pressure on IT, so your users can enjoy stable and quick access to shared network applications.

Nutmeg Technologies provides top solutions in switching, enterprise routers, wireless networking (WLAN), network security, and network management.

By combining network and security technologies, wired and wireless networks, network computing, and storage resources, Nutmeg Technologies helps customers build agile business headquarters, branches, and networks to sustain the infrastructure, productivity and growth of each business individually. Quality products combined with qualified and responsive employees enable us to provide our customers with the personalized service they demand and deserve.


Server-integrated, virtually connected technologies and routing efficiencies.


Scalability and performance with fewer platforms and layers.

Business Continuity

Innovative technology for network resiliency and distributed high availability.

Network Control

Single-pane configuration and policy management for virtualized networking resources.

Security and Compliance

In an era where one email can bankrupt a company, our network security helps protect your data against sophisticated attacks.