Ransomware can affect any organization irrespective of size or industry. Therefore, more than one solution is often required to protect against infections. Our protection solutions use an architectural approach to improve defenses with discovery, visibility, and intelligence.


What can ransomware infect?
  • Employee, vendor and client data
  • Logins and passwords
  • Intellectual property
  • Bank & investment accounts
  • Medical records
  • Student and faculty records
  • Tax, veteran and social security records
Nutmeg Technologies promotes a layered approach to cybersecurity.
Limit Privileges

Period audits should be performed to determine who can access what data and to guarantee data is distributed on a need to know basis with separate privilege policies for employees, clients and vendors. Privilege strategies should include storing your business-critical data on a dedicated server that can’t be accessed by third parties and having a demilitarized zone (DMZ) to separate services for third parties from your corporate network.

Data Backups

It’s important to backup more than just your files. Ransomware infections require server rebuilds, so being able to perform “vm level” image level backups are essential to the restoration process. Equally important is the ability to spin up Virtual Machines in place of your infected servers to keep your employees productive while the incident is remediated

Advanced firewalls

Administer security policies at the application level, block unauthorized access to your data, and prevent hackers from intercepting data or installing Trojan applications on user devices.

Email protection

Ransomware is spread through emails that masquerade as normal mail.  Unknowingly end-users click on links or documents attached and spread the virus.  To prevent infected mail and documents from reaching your users, we install spam and malware email filters and establish a robust password strategy. A hosted email provider is the best protection to safeguard your users and business, delivering automatic updates ensuring that as new threats appear you remain protected.