5 Things to Love About Cloud Services
5 Things to Love About Cloud Services

Have you ever considered cloud hosting solutions? From reducing hardware costs to improving accessibility to your files, there are many attributes that businesses appreciate about cloud services. Take a look at the top five things that Nutmeg Technology loves about cloud services.

  • Amplified Collaboration

It’s important to ensure collaboration is easily achievable among employees. In a largely hybrid and remote workforce, it can be difficult to create a collaborative environment. With cloud services, employees can create, access and share a variety of information with one another. Multiple workers can also edit documents/files in real-time through the cloud, which makes communication that much easier.

  • Enhanced Mobility

Not only are employees able to use cloud-based solutions from any location, but they can also access their files from various types of devices. This means that staff who are always on the go can ditch their laptop and still remain involved in their work. No matter your employees’ location, their files will still be easily and securely accessible via their mobile device.

  • Improved Security

Security may be a top concern when adopting cloud-based solutions for your company, but these types of services are often more secure than traditional options. With cloud hosted services, you have the peace of mind knowing that there is a team of experts who have the sole responsibility in monitoring your company’s security. Furthermore, the data stored in the cloud is encrypted making it less accessible to anyone who is not authorized to access it. There are also added security options that can be added based on personal-preference.

  •  Better Data Recovery

It’s always important to be prepared for the worst case-scenario, such as data loss. Whether from a natural disaster or theft, it’s critical to have a plan in place if data is ever threatened. With cloud services, you receive speedy data recovery if disaster strikes. Not only is your data backed up with cloud services, but it is also able to be recovered in a quick time-frame to reduce any unwanted downtime.

  • Long-Term Savings

Contrary to many businesses' beliefs, switching to cloud-based services can actually save you money. One reason for this is because cloud-services are mostly set up as “pay as you go”. Therefore, if you are not using every feature associated with your cloud-based services, you will not spend money on it. Additionally, switching to cloud-services means reducing costs spent on hardware as well as areas for storage. 

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