How AI Can Assist Human Resources
How AI Can Assist Human Resources

Artificial Intelligence has been transforming the way we do business for years. As AI in the workplace has grown in popularity, it’s important to understand how it can assist various processes. Human Resources, in particular, can benefit in numerous ways by using AI. From employee support to overall efficiency, learn the many benefits your team can receive by using AI.

Hiring Process

Starting with recruiting, AI can help jumpstart and speed up the hiring process. This allows new employees to start onboarding faster, while minimizing the time that a much needed role is left unfulfilled. This can be done by establishing certain keywords or criteria that match the role’s job description. AI can then analyze resumes for this criteria and alert you when it detects matches. Interviews often can take 3 or more rounds per candidate, but with AI, you can establish the first round as something like a personality assessment, which would get automatically reviewed before moving forward with the next round.


Once a new employee is hired, it can take several weeks to catch them up to speed, which can mean losing additional resources to training. With AI, you can use tools like chatbots, to guide the new team member throughout the entire onboarding process. There are various types of information that can be shared via chatbot from providing important hiring information to receiving critical documents. AI can also help direct a new employee through their training materials and set alerts to ensure they are completed in a timely manner.

Professional Development

Every member of the team has individual career goals that should be supported. However, daily work tasks can make it difficult to keep team members on track with these. By using AI, you can help employees receive automatic training module recommendations that align with their goals. This way, employees continue to grow in their role, become more satisfied with their work life, and have a higher likelihood of staying for the long-term.

Performance Reviews

Although important, it takes time for managers to properly learn about the professional development goals and performance of employees. AI can simplify this by tracking the performance of individuals throughout the year. Some aspects that may be factored in are the number of tasks left uncompleted, average time spent per task and peer feedback. Managers can then read these reports and make their own decisions on next steps for the employee.

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