5 Cybersecurity Tips When Traveling for the Holidays
5 Cybersecurity Tips When Traveling for the Holidays

Tis’ the season to be with your loved ones. Which for some, may require some extra travel. Because you will likely be on your phone while traveling, it’s important as always, to watch out for cyber scams and protect yourself this holiday season.

Update Your Devices

It’s important to equip your cell phone or any other devices, with the proper security updates. This is especially essential before you go on a trip where they will be used frequently. This will be a great preventive method so if you do come in contact with an untrustworthy source, your devices are up to date with the most recent security patches and are best able to defend themselves.

Use Trusted Wi-Fi Networks

While traveling, you may make some stops that tempt you to connect to public Wi-Fi. Avoid doing this as best you can, as if there is a cyber-thief in the area, they will be able to have access to your device once connected. In fact, now is a good time to check if your devices are set to automatically connect to the nearest Wi-Fi network. If so, disable this feature as you may be unknowingly connecting to unsecured networks.

Change Passwords Frequently

This is a popular month for cyber scams, so it’s a good idea to make frequent and unique password changes for all of your accounts. If you want to take that extra step of cybersecurity, you can look into adding a multi-factor authentication method to your accounts. This will mean you have multiple steps required to log into your account, which will lessen the chance for hackers to access your private information.

Avoid Shared Computers

If you’re staying at a hotel or visiting another place that offers shared computer centers, as tempting as it may be to quickly login, it’s best to avoid doing so. This is especially true if you plan to use the computer to make purchases or log into any of your personal accounts. These shared computers are also vulnerable to cyber criminals, similar to public Wi-Fi networks, so it’s best to hold off from using them when possible.

Do Not Over-Share on Social Media

As exciting as it is to visit family that you may not see often, some of this information can be harmful if shared to a wide number of people. Rather than posting your travel plans or pictures of your current trip on your social accounts, try to wait until you are back home and post a reflection post instead. The less people who know you will be away from your home during the holidays, the better.