5 DIY Technology Tricks to Win Halloween

Halloween has snuck up on us again, but this time you can get prepared with scream-worthy tricks to play on visitors. Read through our time-friendly tips for a fun, yet chilling Halloween.

1. Smart Costumes

You can upgrade your costume with no fancy tools other than your cell phone, some scissors and duct tape. Pick a spot on your costume that you’d like to draw attention to and cut out a hole the size of your cell phone. Find a spooky video that you’d like to associate with your costume, maybe a pair of glowing eyeballs or crawling spiders, YouTube offers endless options of free content. Then just tape your phone on the inside of the hole, making sure the screen is facing the outside and play your video for added gore.

2. Animated Pumpkins

Want to bring your carving skills up a notch? All you need is a cell phone and a small pumpkin. Make sure you pick a pumpkin that your phone can stand in without falling. Carve a hole big enough for your phone. Similar to above, pick an eerie video and leave it there for your trick-or-treaters. You may want to keep this pumpkin inside but easily in sight for visitors.

3. Creepy Projections

You can create the illusion of creepy projections without actually buying a special Halloween projector. If you have a projector at home, you can use that or you can simply use one of your TVs. Grab a scream-worthy YouTube video and play that on your device of choice. It will add a chilling factor to anyone’s night.

4. Chilling Sound Effects

Even if you have great decorations, spooky sounds can go a long way to create the creepy look you’re going for. And even better, there’s no need to run out and group a scary sound effect machine. You can just create your own. Take out a phone and record your own evil laughs and eerie noises. This would be a great family activity where everyone can make their own spooky sound effects.

5. Moving Table Props

You can even turn decorations that you have had for years animated. Just grab a strong neodymium magnet and place that inside of your prop. Let’s say your prop is a fake spider. Then under the table, place additional magnets on some sort of movable object controllable by a remote, like a toy car. When guests go to get their snacks, you can make your spider move around when they least expect it.

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We hope you have a wonderful and safe Halloween!