Traditional Landline vs. VOIP Phone Systems: Which Should Your Business Choose?
Traditional Landline vs. VOIP Phone Systems: Which Should Your Business Choose?

Selecting a new phone system for your business is never easy. After all, you often rely on your phones for a variety of tasks and communication methods. Nutmeg Technologies is here to make the decision slightly easier, with a guide on going the traditional landline route vs. a more modern approach, like VOIP for your business.

What is a Landline?

A landline is a telephone service that works by sending signals through a dedicated line or system of wires and cables, which are connected to the public switched telephone network (PSTN). You will most likely find a landline being used in a home, but businesses, government buildings, hospitals and schools often use them as well.

Pros of Landline?

Landlines have been around since 1876, which makes it a reliable choice. Let’s explore its benefits.

  • No internet connection required
  • Easy to use
  • From a safety aspect, they are always functional, so great to use during emergencies
  • Because landlines use wires as a connection source, it often means great call and sound quality

Cons of Landline?

Now that you understand what a landline is and its benefits, it’s important to explore the potential cons when using this more traditional line of communication for your business.

  • Unable to make calls to any location in the world
  • Expensive to purchase – especially if you select features like voicemail or caller ID
  • High costs for maintenance and installation
  • More susceptible to spam calls
  • Must be installed by a person physically

What is VOIP?

VoIP or voice-over-internet-protocol consists of both hardware and software that allows you to make calls using internet connection rather than wires or cables. VoIP can be utilized through many different methods, including traditional phones, smartphone apps, computer software and specific VoIP-enabled phones.

Pros of VOIP?

Let’s explore what your business may get out of trying this newer piece of technology.

  • Less expensive than landlines
  • Because it uses the internet for phone calls, it’s more flexible and portable
  • Offers more security measures, which minimize spam calls
  • Includes more features such as SMS and instant messaging, voice mails and video calls
  • With a fast internet connection, sound is often clearer than traditional landlines

Cons of VOIP?

Just as important, let’s take a look at the potential downfalls of switching to VOIP.

  • Not as ideal for emergency situations, as landline calls are more traceable from emergency services like 911
  • The sound and performance quality is fully dependent on your internet connection
  • May not be functional during certain weather conditions, like power outages

The Decision Is Yours

Now that you understand the difference between the two telephone options, it’s time for you to decide which is best for your company. Still need help deciding? We’re here!

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