Everything We Know About Smart Offices
Everything We Know About Smart Offices

Technology is getting smarter, often in ways that can assist our daily lives. Smart Offices, or digital workplaces, are one trend in technology that will likely stick. Smart technology is gaining in popularity as workplaces continue to evolve into a remote or hybrid style. Learn more about Smart Offices and the benefits it can bring your company.

What is it?

Smart Offices use technology to adapt the surroundings of employees to meet their needs. All technology would be unified under one system with machine-learning capabilities. One example being, the light fixtures. Smart lights use less energy than traditional light bulbs and will detect if there is movement so those areas of your office that aren’t used, will remain off. When employees do come into the office, the lights will turn on automatically. This not only boosts employee experience when in the office, but saves money on any otherwise wasted energy.

What are the Benefits?

In addition to boosting employee morale, and limiting your office’s energy consumption, smart technology can also help your employees work more collaboratively together. A remote workplace is often desired by employees because it provides them with more flexibility. However, remote work can take away from the comradery feeling employees have when they work on projects in person. A smart office can help keep this collaborative environment alive, even when two employees are working in different locations. Video conferencing software can be intertwined in the smart office to allow for virtual meetings with high quality cameras and sound, making them more productive. A virtual whiteboard software takes collaboration to another level as it allows meeting guests to brainstorm together in real time. Smart offices also often utilize the cloud for storage of files, which not only ensures each file is backed up, but also allows employees to access documents as they need them, wherever they are located.

How to Make Your Smart Office Work Best?

To make the most of your smart office, you may need to implement a few changes in the way your workplace is currently set up. For starters, something as simple as entering and exiting your building, can easily be updated when moving towards a smart office. Implementing a cloud-based security system that can be managed remotely, can give you peace in mind knowing you have visibility into who is entering the office, even if you are not physically there. You can even take security a step further by implementing two-factor authentication, which would be set up through employee’s mobile devices and used as they try to enter the building.

Meeting rooms are also an area that you will want to take a look at when implementing a smart office strategy. Installing a meeting management platform can help you better maximize your space. Meeting management platforms allow you to monitor room usage, sync with calendars for better visibility into available rooms, allow for employees to make requests for certain equipment to be available during their meetings and overall making booking rooms a faster and more simple experience.

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