What Law Firms Need to Be Aware of from A Technology Perspective
What Law Firms Need to Be Aware of from A Technology Perspective

When you think of businesses with new technology, chances are you’re thinking of industries like marketing or IT – not law firms. It’s important to note that it doesn’t matter what business sector you’re in, there are many technology products that can help make your job easier. See examples of a few of your firm’s processes that can benefit from new technology.

Firm Departments

For every law firm, there are a variety of departments that help keep it running. Technology can have a big impact on how these departments perform. For instance, perhaps you have an assistant who manages your client meetings. As a lawyer, you likely attend numerous meetings, many of which need adjustments in terms of when they take place. Digital calendars are a great way for your assistant to monitor availability and make these adjustments seamlessly. Many times, firms even use technology to allow the client to request an appointment themselves. From an accounting perspective, there are also numerous types of software that can help make an accountant’s role easier. Most popular types of software are cloud-based and automatically backed up so you don’t have to worry about losing any important data. For every department, there is a piece of technology to help make employees’ jobs simpler, and make them more productive.

Client & Lawyer Collaboration

Lawyers need to do a lot of collaboration, whether it’s with other lawyers or their own clients. It’s not always feasible to get everyone in the same room, at the same time, and rather than allowing that issue to delay communication, technology allows this effort to not get disrupted. A communication service like Microsoft Teams permits those working in your firm to have video calls, phone calls, chat messages, it also allows lawyers in the firm to work in real-time on documents and spreadsheets to share with others. For client communication, Microsoft Teams allows lawyers to hold phone calls when meeting in-person isn’t possible, making for less delays and quicker turnarounds. It’s always smart to invest in a good phone or camera, so that telecommunication goes as smoothly as possible.

Case Management

Law firms can even benefit from technology when it comes to managing their cases. For any lawsuit or claim, lawyers are faced with many moving parts. To help lawyers keep track of their cases, there are digital management platforms that can help them automate many of their case management processes. From organizing contact lists to managing documents to entering billing data, there are numerous ways that investing in a digital platform can be useful for your firm. In addition, when you utilize a digital management platform, you get the added benefit of storing all relevant information in a centralized place, making it easy for lawyers to access their notes whenever they please.

Getting Started

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