Sustainable Technology: Where to Begin
Sustainable Technology: Where to Begin

Every business, no matter how big or small, can have an impact on the environment. Whether that impact is good or bad depends on the decisions your company makes. Surprisingly, it doesn’t take drastic measures to make sustainable choices. Learn how you can get started on working towards a more eco-friendly business. 

Create an Energy Efficient Work Environment

In any office, there are different pieces of technology running at one time. Of course there is the more apparent equipment like laptops and phones, but there are a lot of other technologies at work that you might not have considered. For instance, most buildings have air conditioning and heating as well as light fixtures. With the increase in remote workforce, chances are there are parts of your building that employees aren’t physically working in. In these cases, it can be helpful to install smart lights which use less energy than traditional light bulbs. Smart lights will detect if there is movement so those areas of your office that aren’t used, will remain off. HVAC systems can also use similar sensors to detect if there is activity in the office or not, and adjust the heating or air conditioning accordingly. Energy adds up quickly and can take a toll not only on the environment but on your electric bill, so small changes like these can be very helpful.

Make Green Packaging Decisions

It may be daunting to change the process in which you package your products. After all, you may have used the same packaging materials for years without issue. It’s important when researching different options for packaging, you select one that makes the most sense for your products. There are three ways you can go “green” in terms of your packing materials. 1) Biodegradable, this allows your package to break down when thrown away. 2) Recyclable, meaning as long as the consumer recycles the packaging, it can then be reused in new materials. 3) Reusable, allows the packaging to be reused by the consumer multiple times, creating zero waste. The decision on which makes the most sense for your business is up to you.

Minimize Your Waste

Our last tip for creating a more eco-friendly workplace is to make the conscious decision to minimize waste that your company creates. Unsure where to start? Look at Starbucks. Starbucks has worked towards creating minimal waste by investing in reusable cups. Customers who bring in a reusable cup to Starbucks to fill their drinks, receive a discount as well as a bonus for their rewards program. Not only does Starbucks sell reusable cups which make a profit when a customer is motivated by this deal, but it encourages customers to come back because of the loyalty program. Consider the products you sell and what creative ways you can help reduce the waste that they create.

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