Why You Should Use AI for Onboarding
Why You Should Use AI for Onboarding

Hiring new employees is an essential part of any business. New talent brings value to your business in numerous ways, but it can take a while to get the new worker integrated in the system and ready to start their work. To speed up the process, artificial intelligence (AI) is a great tool to ease employees into their new job. 

Seeking talent

Finding new talent who can benefit your business is a tough task. From reviewing hundreds of applications to managing and conducting several interviews, there are a lot of steps that go into this part of the onboarding process. AI can help decrease the time put into seeking workers to fill these new positions. For instance, AI can help you maintain information about applicants, schedule interviews and analyze their strengths and weaknesses. If you offer a referral bonus to employees, AI can even assist in managing those efforts. You can receive an analysis of which employees have referred the most successful employees, which can assist your decision making for future hires.

Employee Orientation

When you have chosen the employee whom you wish to hire, it’s time to start his or her orientation. Orientations can often be seen as a waste of time, but they are necessary in order to get a new hire caught up on the company and what tasks they will be expected to perform. If you want to minimize the time spent towards this onboarding step for both current and new employees, look to AI for assistance. Many times new employees will have the same questions when they initially get started. Rather than having one of your old employees set aside time away from their work to answer these questions, you can set up an AI process that delivers the answers to these FAQs. If the new employee has a question that AI is unable to answer, AI can determine the best employee to assist the new hire.

Training Purposes

After orientation, chances are the new employee will still require dedicated training sessions so they are prepared to complete their tasks for their new role. However, not every new employee begins with the same knowledge, which can be a frustrating experience for them. Rather than setting up generic training sessions that all new hires must complete, you can utilize AI to monitor the current skill set of the new hire in the form of written tests, and from there provide the training sessions that will most benefit that individual. This not only will help prevent the feeling of “wasted time” for the new employee, but can help them become productive, more quickly, in their role.

Improve Retention

With a properly trained employee, chances are they will be more productive in their job, feel more valued and in turn enjoy the work they are doing. Ensuring a smooth onboarding experience can help assist your relationship with employees and boost their retention. AI gives you the tools to make the onboarding process better for current employees, new employees and your company overall.

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