Multi-cloud vs. Supercloud Services
Multi-cloud vs. Supercloud Services

From your business’s phone systems to data backup assistance, cloud solutions can be useful for many different processes. Cloud services have also grown in popularity due to their ability to help businesses cut costs, improve performance and boost security. Multi-cloud and supercloud are two cloud services that businesses often compare to one another. If you are unsure what sets these two services apart, Nutmeg has you covered.

What Is Multi-cloud?

Multi-cloud got its name because it uses two or more public clouds, two or more private clouds, or a combination of public, private and edge clouds.

What is Supercloud?

Supercloud is the newer version of multi-cloud. According to CDOtrends, supercloud is a cloud architecture built on top of a hyper-scale infrastructure that integrates the three types of cloud computing — infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), platform-as-a-service (PaaS), and software-as-a-service (SaaS) — into one expedient solution.

What Are the Differences?

Multi-cloud strategies offer many advantages, from increased resiliency, data control and flexibility to integrate with partners. However, many companies have issues with this solution because each cloud runs on its own operating model and does not extend functionality to other cloud platforms. In addition, businesses seem to find security and financial risks associated with multi-cloud services. Although supercloud is newer and not as well-known, it offers many advantages to businesses including boosted efficiency and productivity. This is because supercloud solutions allow businesses to keep data in sync even when they are being used across different environments, eliminating the need to work in multiple clouds and aiding in overall user experience.

Which is Right for My Business?

Choosing which solution is best for your business comes down to what you most want out of your cloud services. Comparing the differences between the two options should give you a better picture of which cloud solution would fit best in your processes. If you are still stumped, seek out a local managed service provider, like Nutmeg, to help you decipher which would be best for your unique needs.

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