How Technology Has Adapted Thanksgiving Throughout the Years
How Technology Has Adapted Thanksgiving Throughout the Years

There are many traditions that have been brought onto us throughout the years for Thanksgiving, but the holiday has also evolved a lot too. Technology has shaped what we see as Thanksgiving in ways you may not have considered. Take a look at how technology has improved the different stages of Thanksgiving.

How We Plan for The Big Day

If you have ever hosted Thanksgiving, you understand that although very rewarding, it is quite the undertaking. Miscommunication with various family members can unfortunately be the root cause of a lot of added stress. Luckily, technology has made this step just a little bit easier. Obviously the day is known for this event, but if you are thinking of hosting a Friendsgiving, company outing or secondary Thanksgiving with family who aren’t able to make the main event, it can be difficult to coordinate. Digital calendars have come in handy for this purpose. Digital calendars plan the day out for you and allow anyone who is viewing the calendar to see in real time which days other invitees can and can’t make, simplifying the process for everyone involved.

How Food is Made

For many of us, food falls right next to giving gratitude in terms of priority for Thanksgiving. The endless options for side dishes and ways to prepare the turkey can cause a lot of pressure for a host. However, there are some technology products that have made this step a little bit easier. Rather than the cast iron stoves we may have used in the 1800’s, the electric and gas stoves we use today, get the job done faster and more thoroughly. There are also a lot more helpful cooking gadgets available to us, like digital thermometers, timers and electric carving knives, which have helped shape a simpler Thanksgiving cooking experience.

How Food is Stored

Have any great Thanksgiving leftover recipes that you like to use with your leftovers?Thankfully, the wide array of refrigerators and freezers have made this possible. Before refrigerators, freezers, microwaves and even Tupperware was invented, Thanksgiving only lasted the meal. There was no such thing as post-meal dishes like “Thanksgiving leftover sliders” that many of us make today. Not only does technology allow for the enjoyment of Thanksgiving to extend past the day, but it also results in a lot less food waste.

How We Spend Time with Family

Although eating as a group in one place together is always ideal, unfortunately, there are many cases where that is not possible. Through the expansion of technology, we have found other ways to connect with family members who can’t be there, like having video calls. Nothing can replace being in person together, but a video call is still a great way to share a memory with family members that couldn’t make the event. There are also newer traditions that have formed as a result of technology, like all the shows we choose to watch together on TV. From football to Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, there are many different entertainment options available to us to watch as a family on the big day.

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We wish you an enjoyable Thanksgiving!