Win Halloween with These Tech Gadgets

Halloween offers an exciting time to explore your creativity and bring to life your most spooky ideas. We all have the same tub of Halloween decorations sitting in our basement, but if you want to switch things up, there are many technology gadgets that can help you appear as the most haunted house on the street. 

3D Printer

It may be tempting to run to the store and grab some spooky décor for the night, but it’s nice to have those tools available to you in your own home. Create your very own Frankenstein by buying a 3D printer and printing out the monster of your dreams. Not only can you create lifelike Halloween decorations, but you can make your costumes from home as well. Halloween, like all holidays, can get expensive and oftentimes the items you are looking for sell out quickly. The more you are able to do from home, not only can help you get more into the creepy spirit, but it can even help you save money.

Smart House

Having a smart house can assist you in completing various daily tasks, but you can also use these gadgets to spookify your home during October. You can use similar technology to control all of your Halloween gadgets for the night. Motion lights, fog machines, creepy noise machines, all can be connected and turned on at different points from a push of a button. You can also increase your visibility by having a video doorbell connected to your smart device. This way, you can get notified as soon as trick or treaters approach your door. To be even more fancy, you can set the rest of your spooky gadgets to go off once your guests reach your house.

LED Lights

Lighting can have a big impact on your intended ambience for the night. You can purchase LED smart lights to change colors and hues to match the scene you intend to create. You can often set up your lights via an app on your phone, so no matter where you are, you can change the settings to whatever you desire. If you don’t want the lights to be automated, a festive pair of battery operated LED string lights can go a long way. Whether you are looking to set the tone for trick or treaters, or your Halloween party, lights are a big factor.


Drones aren’t just a fun toy to fly around in your backyard, but they can also help you stand out for Halloween. A hanging ghost is a classic decoration, but you can spice it up by attaching it to a drone and having the ghost fly past your guests as they approach your door. You can get creative with the objects to place on your drone and stand out as the house that everyone wants to visit. Just be sure to get caught up on how to fly your drone, so your ghost doesn’t end up in someone else’s yard!

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