How Businesses Can Utilize 3D Printing

When businesses think of new technology products, 3D printing may not come to mind at first. However, there are numerous ways 3D printing can help with your business’s initiatives. 3D printing is the act of making physical objects out of digital models. Learn different ways that your company can utilize this process. 

Mechanical Parts

Unfortunately, no matter how high quality the products you have are, items will still break and this can cause a major disruption to your business. Rather than allowing the broken part to create a bottleneck in your workload, just like magic, you can make the missing part appear. Really, it’s not quite magic, but instead with a 3D printer, you can replicate the missing part so that if it does break, you can simply reprint it and have the piece of equipment up and running again.

Marketing Materials

When it comes to trade shows or prospective presentations, you always want to find a way to stand out. With 3D printing, you can take the everyday marketing material to the next level. For example, you can swap out your traditional business card with a 3D business card that feels and looks different from all of the other paper ones the attendees will receive. Instead of showing a picture of the latest product, bring in a physical prototype that the viewers can feel with their own hands. By standing out at these marketing events, you can end up landing a longer list of new clients.  


As mentioned, 3D printing is a great tool to create prototypes. These prototypes aren’t just useful at trade shows, but also internally for testing purposes. Rather than waiting until the product itself is created, you can create a reenactment of the product so that you can see helpful details like the scalability of each feature, the texture, the way the colors work together, all things that you wouldn’t want to wait until the final product was created to figure out. Being able to create a working model can help your own company get the product to perfection, but also help show it off to investors so they can see first-hand what the product would end up looking like.

Create New Product

Lastly, of course you can create a new product itself with 3D printing. If you have the materials on hand, printing the products in-house can save you a lot of money and time. Whether the products you choose to create are merchandised with your logo for clients or a product that would be useful to customers, having the ability to create these in your company at any time puts you miles ahead of competition. 

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