5 Processes That Can Be Transferred to the Cloud
5 Processes That Can Be Transferred to the Cloud

On a daily basis, companies use a variety of processes to complete their tasks. Whether they need to communicate with customers, record information or work on projects, every business has their set of tools to help them do so. Cloud migration has proven to aid in these services in ways that cut cost, improve performance and boost security. Learn which systems your business uses that can benefit from the cloud.

1. Email Systems

Email is a popular tool used for communicating with family members, friends, coworkers and customers. By migrating your email system to the cloud, you can ensure that each conversation an employee has is saved and accessible whenever needed. Even if an email is deleted, the cloud automatically archives it, so you will always have a record of the email and can pull it up when necessary.

2. Collaborative Software

In today’s remote world, most likely your employees utilize some sort of collaborative software to work on projects when they are physically in the same room. When you migrate your software and applications to the cloud, employees can then work on these projects through a shared cloud space that can be accessed over any internet source. In addition, the cloud automatically saves the work they complete, and if it is accidently deleted, you can always recover it.

3. Phone Systems

Even your business’s phone system can benefit from the cloud. A digital phone system allows your employees to verbally communicate with clients and coworkers through their current work line, but from any location they plan to work for the day. Cloud based phone systems allow less disruption and better connection for employees. Avaya Cloud Office is an example of a cloud based phone system that helps you achieve this flexible type of communication.

4. Data Backup

With security on the forefront of any business’s mind, it’s important to ensure your data is being properly protected. Data protection is yet another benefit companies receive through migrating their processes to the cloud. When it comes to data backup, you know your information is safe in a spot that cannot get damaged from any natural cause like fires or floods, but also is securely protected from any cyber threats.

5. Disaster Recovery

Similar to backing up your data, the cloud also assists with any of your business’s disaster recovery needs. As long as you have an internet connection, you will be able to recover your files, software or data that was stored in the cloud. This gives a lot of companies the peace of mind knowing that even if disaster strikes, they will be able to access any files they need.

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