Now is the Time to Update Your Business Phones
Now is the Time to Update Your Business Phones

Experiencing dropped calls, missed calls, an excessive number of upgrades or even a lack of newer features? Perhaps it’s time for new phones. Not only can fixing these areas help the quality of your calls, but it can also help improve customer service, while allowing you to be competitive amongst other businesses who have already made their upgrade. See what you can get out of updating your business’s phones.

Data Protection Needs Have Changed

Even if everything appears to be running smoothly with your phone system, there may be missing parts that are not visible. For instance, newer phones put more priority on data protection. Phones are a piece of technology, and like any technology, the longer it has been around the more vulnerable it will be. Therefore, looking into a newer phone for your business is in the best interest for the overall security of your company. 

Aid Remote Workers

Now that so many workers have chosen to switch over to the remote lifestyle, it’s best to make the necessary accommodations so they can remain as productive as possible. Although your current phone system may not be compatible with cloud integration, having a phone system that is would allow for the most seamless transition for your remote employees. This would also permit all phone numbers and other detailing information to stay the same regardless of where your employee chooses to work.

Save Money

The idea of saving money when making a new IT purchase may sound unreasonable, but in the long run, having up to date technology is often the best approach. When you have older technology, it requires costs that the newer technology doesn’t, and the older it gets, the more frequent those expenses get. In order to keep the older technology running, you must pay for repairs and experience downtime while employees wait for it to work, which can all lead to unwanted costs. However, with an upgrade, although there will be the upfront cost in the initial purchase, in the long run, it will eliminate downtime and require less maintenance.

Start Unifying Your Communications

It’s typically a good idea for your communication to be unified so that everything from voicemail to email to chats are in one place. Not only does this save time for employees when they need to communicate with others, but it also makes it easier to keep track of your technology products. A managed service provider can help let you know where to start with unifying your communications. 

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