How 5G Can Improve Your Work Life
How 5G Can Improve Your Work Life

There has been a lot of talk about using 5G for personal use, but 5G can also have a big impact on the way we work. 5G is aimed at supporting the remote control of the day to day services our businesses handle. Three areas in particular that 5G can help support are automated processes, remote employees and overall digital security.

Increased Automation

Automation is an important piece of the puzzle for businesses because it offers the ability to speed up tasks all while lowering the workload for workers. Because technology is always improving, even if you are utilizing automation, you may not be getting out of it all that you could be, which can slow down your productivity. 5G has significantly improved the effects of automation for all types of industries. For example, an Ericsson factory in Lewisville, Texas uses 5G to provide remote support for personnel to assist on-site workers through augmented reality. The factory also uses remote pilots to guide automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and drones around the facility. With this change, Ericsson is able to eliminate errors, increase overall efficiency and reduce costs.

Productive Remote Work

Most likely you have employees who are either already remote or interested in the possibility of working remotely. With the increasing number of employees who have shifted to working from home, it’s important to ensure you have the technology that will support their needs so they are just as productive out of the office as they would have been in the office. From an internet perspective, which is arguably the most important need for a remote worker, it doesn’t get much better than 5G, which is 20 times faster than 4G. The new mobile network offers enhanced speed and reliability that will allow a remote worker to work undisrupted whether they are in their home office or working on a bench in the park.

Potential Security Impacts

5G even helps to support the security of your business. 5G has proven to have several security enhancements compared to 4G and LTE. 5G is more capable of protecting your identity because your ID with 5G is encrypted. Hackers will also have a harder time being able to get a hold of your data when you are using 5G because it is based off of a robust encryption algorithm that scrambles the traffic when your voice and data travels from your device to the cell tower. 5G also uses edge computing, which allows the data to be processed much closer to the source, improving threat detection.

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