Tech Travel Tips
Tech Travel Tips

The warmer weather can often push us to finalize our vacation plans for the summer. Vacations bring lots of positivity into our lives, from relaxation to adventure to long-lasting memories. However, they can also lead to mishaps when your only focus is on what time to get to the beach. Before you head to the hotel, take a look at Nutmeg Technologies’ tips so you return from your vacation regret-free.

Watch Your Data Usage

Data may not be something you typically consider on a daily basis, especially if you spend a lot of time at home connected to your Wi-Fi, but vacation is an open field of areas that we are not connected to. Consider all the activities you will be doing on your vacation; you may be accessing an online menu at restaurants or using Google Maps to roam around the city or even listening to music at the beach. All of these activities can rack up your data usage which can lead to a costly bill at the end of the month.

Your phone can utilize data when you are not actively using it, for that reason it’s best to turn your data off altogether so that it only can be used when connected to Wi-Fi or when you specifically need it. You can also set alerts on your phone so that you are made aware when you are near the capacity of your data plan.

Secure Your Phone

Similar to how we protect our desktops from viruses, our cell phones are also just as vulnerable. Oftentimes, the vulnerability increases when you are on vacation and you’re distracted. As tempting as it may be to connect to public internet spots, unsecured Wi-Fi networks can give hackers access to all of the information stored on your phone. Therefore, it’s always best to wait until there is a secure Wi-Fi network available for you to connect to and prepare whatever your internet searching needs are ahead of time through those types of networks only.

If you still feel the need to connect to these unsecure Wi-Fi networks, you can utilize a VPN (Virtual Private Network) and connect that to your mobile device. A VPN protects anything you do online from being seen by others and gives you secure access to the internet. You can also download security software to further protect yourself from becoming vulnerable to viruses. Lastly, you will want to back up your phone through the cloud just in case something happens to your phone on your tip and the data stored on it gets wiped.

Protect Your Power

Most likely you will be out and about during your vacation and may not have access to an outlet. All the activity you do throughout the day can cause your phone to die, which is why it’s important to invest in a reliable portable battery so that your phone will be available at all times of the day. Just remember to charge up the portable battery each night so it is ready to go anytime it is needed.
If you are traveling outside of the country, voltage levels differ greater, which is why it’s also important to purchase an adapter. Without using the correct adapter, you can destroy the device you connect to the outlet as the voltage can be too much for it to handle. That being said, you should research what kind of adapter you will need for the particular area you are visiting and purchase it ahead of your trip.

Prepare Entertainment Beforehand

There may be areas on your vacation that you will not have access to Wi-Fi or have service altogether. For that reason, it’s important to stock up on apps that are able to be used without the internet and can be helpful for different aspects of your vacation. Another portion of your trip that you may want to prepare not having internet for is the plane ride. Depending on which airline you are using, they may not provide entertainment which can lead you to staring at the seat in front of you for hours if you didn’t bring anything to keep you busy.

Are you currently binging a show on a streaming service? You can download the show ahead of time so that when you are on the plane (or anywhere without Wi-Fi) you can have access to it. Certain cable companies also offer apps where you can download shows or movies that you recorded so you can lower the amount of boredom during the travel portion of your vacation.

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