6 Technology Must Haves for a New Business
6 Technology Must Haves for a New Business

Are you planning to start a new business in 2022? Do you have a company that just recently launched? Becoming an entrepreneur is both exciting and admirable. However, this new role also comes with a lot of added responsibility. Any new business requires quite a bit of investment. There are payments that go towards your employees, products, property, etc. In particular, technology is an increasingly important investment. Discover 6 technology must haves that can help your new business flourish.

1. Quality Phone System

Phones open up a line of communication for not only your customers, but your remote employees as well. Collaboration is an essential piece to any successful business and the first step is having a phone system that keeps your audio clear on both ends, all while staying connected for the duration of your call. Wireless headsets from Poly offer crisp audio as well as the ability to be mobile so employees will not get tangled or disconnected during their meeting.

2. Clear Webcams

Going along with a rich audio, being able to see your customers or employees clearly is also just as important - especially in this new remote world. Have you ever been on a call with someone whose image is grainy? If that person was trying to sell you something, most likely your interest would decline. Anything your customers can see affects your brand image, and that includes the quality of your video calls. For employees, being able to meet face to face (even when it isn’t possible) helps improve their collaboration skills, and at the end of the day two heads are better than one.

3. Communication Apps

Whether you are in the office or not, many times a question doesn’t need to be held in person. A quick IM can go a long way, while preventing distracting conversations that otherwise would have ensued. It’s important to make this line of communication available by investing in a secure communication app, such as Microsoft Teams or RingCentral’s Desktop App. Having features like uploading documents, immediate messaging, as well as phone and video calls, help make collaboration a breeze among your employees.

4. Thorough Security System

Unfortunately, the more technology you incorporate within your business, the more susceptible you become to cyber criminals. The best security process you can have in place is one that proactively finds a threat and destroys it before it ever touches your server. An antivirus software can go a long way, but having a thorough endpoint management system puts you over the edge of protection. It’s also just as important to invest in a data backup software so if disaster does strike, none of your critical information will be lost.

5. Physical Surveillance

In addition to ensuring the technology you invest in is safe, it is also just as important to secure your physical office building. Investing in a reliable physical surveillance system is essential for the safety of your workers, products and property. Surveillance cameras also help you monitor the performance of your employees when you are unable to be there. Cameras like Axis are clear and responsive so that you have the peace of mind knowing that you will stay in the loop, at all hours of the day.

6. Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)

Another piece of technology that is useful for business owners is the ability to monitor your customers’ journey so you have a better idea of which products to offer them. Maintaining your customer relationships is a crucial piece to the success of your business. The more organized your customer data is, the better you will be able to provide a personalized service and create a long-lasting customer base.

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