Holiday Shopping Scams to Watch Out For
Holiday Shopping Scams to Watch Out For

Holiday shopping is well underway. Whether you are seeking the perfect floral candle for mom or a warm knit blanket for grandma, chances are you’ll find what you’re looking for online. As fun as picking out gifts for your friends and family can be, unfortunately scammers take advantage of shoppers frequently during this time. As you make purchases online for the holidays, keep in mind these top 4 holiday shopping scams.

  1. Imposter Websites
    Online shopping opens many doors to find the perfect gift for family members. However, because of how popular the activity has become, scammers have created websites meant to mimic the stores we know and love. One missing letter in the URL can lead to a multitude of viruses and stolen card information. The best way to avoid this from happening is to keep your favorite stores bookmarked and ensure the URLs that are typed include “https” as that indicates it is a secure website.
  2. If It Sounds Too Good to Be True it is
    Stumble upon a pop up that claims you won a new cell phone? Receive a text for a free item at your favorite store? Be wary. Unfortunately, the old saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true, that’s because it probably is. Many times these messages contain malicious links and questions that lead to you to provide personal information in exchange for your prize. Remember that you never have to pay for winning a contest and if you are ever unsure, call the store directly with the number included on their website.
  3. Fake Shipping Notifications
    You just ordered a pair of pants for your best friend and are eagerly awaiting shipment details. Even though you crave to know when exactly the item has shipped, don’t let your excitement make you fall for scams. There are many fake shipping notifications created because of how interested we are in knowing when our products are coming in. Once you click on the tracking link, you are vulnerable to viruses or inquiries for personal information – which would never be required for a real delivery. Make sure you read the message carefully before clicking on the link. It’s always best to search the tracking ID manually on the postal service’s website. That way you can ensure you are on a legitimate website.
  4. Counterfeit Gift Cards
    Sometimes the best gift is the one you can pick out yourself which is why gift cards are so popular this time of year. Similar to other items you purchase online, there can be websites trying to trick you into buying counterfeit gift cards and keeping the money spent for themselves as well as the personal information you entered to purchase it. Another gift card scam is a website that is selling a fake product but asking you to use a gift card to make the purchase. This is a common scam because money spent through gift cards is much less traceable than a credit or debit card. Be sure to only purchase and use your gift card at the retailer the gift card is intended for.

We leave you with these 4 holiday scams so you can be aware of them and have a safe and enjoyable holiday season. Happy shopping!

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