Why Nutmeg is Grateful for Avaya Cloud Office This Thanksgiving
Why Nutmeg is Grateful for Avaya Cloud Office This Thanksgiving

In addition to the turkey, cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes, Nutmeg is also grateful for a particular slice of technology that makes the lives of our customers much easier. Take a look at some of the many reasons we appreciate Avaya Cloud Office and how it can simplify your workday.

Improve Employee Productivity

Like the name says, Avaya Cloud Office is a phone system that works through the cloud. Therefore, all functionalities are able to be completed from any location. This is helpful for employees who travel or are constantly on the go. From calls to virtual team rooms to file sharing, all collaboration features are available in the easy to use app so employees can stay on track of their meetings from anywhere.

More Reachable to Customers

Ineffective communication has proven to lead to workplace failures. To maintain customer relationships, it’s important to be easily accessible to them. With Avaya Cloud Office, all it takes is one click to start connecting with customers via voice, fax, messaging, basically wherever your communication needs take you.

Connect from Anywhere

Just because employees wake up in one location, it doesn’t mean they will be finishing their work day in that exact same spot. It has become critical to offer flexibility for remote workers, and providing a phone system that utilizes the cloud is an easy way to achieve that. Whether your employees are on their desktop or mobile device, as long as they are connected to the cloud, they can utilize Cloud Office for all their collaboration needs.

Personalize Customer Experience

Do you have customers who prefer to meet face to face, even when in-person meetings aren’t possible? Do you know any clients who like to send a quick message to get the answer they are seeking? It’s important to be able to meet your customers’ needs when it comes to communication, but this isn’t necessarily a one size fits all process. Avaya Cloud Office allows various collaboration methods so that you can remain accessible in the way that each of your customers prefer.

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