Technology That Can Help Your Thanksgiving Plans
Technology That Can Help Your Thanksgiving Plans

Soon, friends and family will be all gathered around the dining room table for a memorable Thanksgiving feast. You may think Thanksgiving planning is second nature by now, but there are many pieces of technology that can assist both your prep work and quality time during the holiday. Take a peek at Nutmeg’s top technology tips for Thanksgiving.

Video Call Those Who Can’t Be There

Although last year may have prepared us to not spend as much time with family, it hasn’t made it easier, especially around the holidays. This year, whether because of travel or health precautions, it’s important to remain inclusive of all family members and still make them a part of your special day. Set up the video conferencing service of your choice ahead of time and make sure to invest in a good camera and microphone so it can feel like your loved ones are really there.

Prep Your Meals Like a Pro

You may already have it down. Grandma makes the pumpkin pie, your uncle makes the stuffing, and you make the turkey. Even with this system in place, the unknowns can happen. You might end up with 3 plates of mashed potatoes and no cranberry sauce. To avoid this mishap, there are apps out there that can help the prep work of this day. Use Give InKind to know for sure who is bringing what so you can see clearly which plates are still needed and ensure there are no unnecessary duplicates. You can also try AnyList to better organize your shopping so all the ingredients for your dishes only require one grocery store visit.

Digitize Your Cookware

Yes, even your cooking utensils can be improved by technology. From electronic carving knives to digital thermometers to voice enabled timers, the everyday tools around your kitchen can be digitized to make the Thanksgiving prep work get completed faster. Nervous you won’t have time to run out and but these helpful tools? Technology can even aid in this area. Just pull out your laptop or phone and order them online so you can get back to your other planning needs.

Nutmeg Technologies is an IT managed service provider based out of Windsor, CT. We are happy to assist companies who are looking to have in-office or remote workforce through secure technology. Contact us today to find a product that best suits your company’s needs. We wish you an enjoyable and delicious Thanksgiving!