How Technology Has Evolved Halloween
How Technology Has Evolved Halloween

It’s officially fall and before we know it, trick or treaters will be at our door and yet another Halloween will begin. Halloween has changed in many ways over years from when it was once a ceremony to ward off ghosts. In many ways, Halloween has evolved into a holiday that is enjoyable and the various forms of technology have had a big influence on what we see today.


Drones are not only used to take pictures and videos of scenic areas, but this piece of technology has greatly shaped our Halloween experience. When was the last time you visited a haunted house? Drones have been able to take what was once a cheesy scene into a real life horror movie. From bats flying over your head to a witch flying on a broom stick in the distance, drones allow creepy creatures to come to life and has been a go to for many people to add a little extra spice to the holiday.


On Halloween, trick or treaters want a special experience. Surprisingly, not everyone is focused on the candy. The ambience of the outside of your home can also add a great boost of entertainment for visitors. One way that technology has helped improve this experience is the advancement in lighting options. Many years ago, there weren’t a lot of choices on how to decorate with light. Candle was your best bet and placing one in a jack-o-lantern for an entire night wasn’t exactly the safest protocol. As technology improved, LED lights were born and thus a much safer and fun decoration is used to this day.


Ears are another sense that many houses focus on during Halloween to spook their guests. Technology has been a big part of how sound has evolved throughout the years. Rather than placing a recording of hard to hear Halloween music, microphones have greatly improved and have helped aid to the eerie factor of these nights. Having a clear microphone can help you relay different creepy messages and sounds to your guests before they even knock on your door.

High Speed

Arguably one of the biggest changes technology has made for Halloween is how we all purchase our costumes. Because the internet has evolved so much, in-person shopping has really become a thing of the past. Online shopping offers various affordable and unique options for costumes with the convenience of being a click away for a user to purchase. Now that many internet carriers have improved their speed, online shopping for Halloween has become the easiest method.

Cell Phones

Cell phones have also changed in many different aspects throughout the years. Gone are the days for parents to chaperone their pre-teen kids on Halloween. With cell phones becoming such a critical portion of children’ lives, many parents choose to have their kids enjoy time alone with their friends with the comfort in knowing they are just a dial or text away.

We may not be able to predict what other pieces of technology will change for our beloved spooky holiday, but we do know it most likely isn’t stopping here. Nutmeg Technologies is an IT managed service provider based out of Windsor, CT. We are happy to  assist companies who are looking to have in-office or remote workforce through secure technology. Contact us today to find a product that best suits your company’s needs. We wish you a happy and enjoyable night!