Common Technology Terminology
Common Technology Terminology

Technology has become a prevalent part of our everyday lives. Although you may feel comfortable using technology, you may not have a complete grasp on the vocabulary behind it. The less jargon you understand, the harder it is to interpret how it fits within your business. Read through the common technology terms to get a better feel of what they each mean.

Back end

The term “back end” often gets thrown around with website builds. Why is that? Basically, the back end pertains to what goes on behind the scenes of the webpage. It covers everything from servers to databases to applications and encompasses how your website will appear visually to the public.

Cloud hosting

“Cloud hosting” refers to companies who store their data virtually. Servers that are kept in the cloud can only be accessed via the internet. Cloud hosting is a secure way to ensure your data is backed up automatically without the hassle of owning physical hardware.

Data Center

A “Data Center” consists of information that has been stored in computers. Routers, switches, firewalls and servers all are components of a data center. It’s important to keep your data center secure as all confidential information would be stored here.

Domain name service (DNS)

DNS is a very common term that is mentioned in business. But do you truly know what it means? Basically, a DNS is a directory of the websites entered in a search bar. These websites or domains are translated into numbers (or IP addresses) and that is what gets listed in the directory.

Machine learning

Do you have Siri on your phone? If so, you are one step closer to knowing how machine learning works. Machine learning operates through an algorithm which finds the best matching solution for different functions. This is why Siri offers an answer for every question it is asked.

Open source

The term “open source” refers to a type of code that is available to anyone and can be manipulated by anyone. This is helpful to developers who want to improve the application and need access to do so.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

SaaS consists of sending and connecting to software throughout the internet. You most likely use email and e-calendars on a daily basis for work, these are all different components of software as a service.

Virtual private network (VPN)

With remote work becoming more prominent, you have surely heard of the term “VPN”. However, just because you have heard of the acronym, doesn’t mean you fully understand what it means. A VPN offers a secure way for users to connect to a private network from any device, which is why it is so useful for remote workers.

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