Top Security Trends to Follow This Fall
Top Security Trends to Follow This Fall

While summer is quickly fading away, fall is fast approaching with many favorable trends that companies have deemed essential to follow. For the technology industry, security in particular has been prioritized much more. Take a closer look at what IT managed service provider Nutmeg Technologies believes are the top security trends that companies should take advantage of this autumn season.

Secure Remote Workers

The digital world has undoubtedly become the new normal over the past few years, and because of that, remote work has evolved along with it. As more employees become remote permanently, employers should consider how while there are many benefits to having employees work from home, it does create a vulnerability from a security standpoint. The main trend that remote work has brought to light in recent months is an abundance of technology training to make sure everyone understands and follows the best security practices. Endpoint security solutions in particular have become a trend that business owners have invested in to ensure that no matter what their employees do, their systems are protected thoroughly. Endpoint security has become increasingly popular and is predicted to be highly valued in months to come as more companies make the shift to remote.

Routine Scheduled Disaster Recovery

To combat the recent surge in cybercrimes, companies have made it a priority to perform routine scheduled disaster recovery tests. Scheduled disaster recovery is essentially a fire drill for anything from a virus to the worst security threat of all kinds – a breach. Being able to test the procedure your business has in place to prevent these types of attacks will help you better prevent your business from falling victim in the future. The more prepared you are for the worst, the better you can identify any holes you have in your current solutions, and then you can make the necessary adjustments to be fully protected.

Privacy Protection

Customers have always cared about their personal information staying private but with today's culture, it can look very bad for businesses if a breach compromises the privacy of their customers. This could create a strike from both current and potential customers as a breach can ultimately compromise their trust in your company. As we continue this year, customers will most likely continue to utilize digital tools and will want to feel comfortable doing so. That is why data protection is another adopted trend that companies are using to ensure all of the personal information from their customers stays confidential.

Proactive Maintenance

One trend in particular that can help you stand out among competition this fall is doing your homework on a consistent basis. What exactly is your homework? Each technology equipment you own should receive maintenance regularly to ensure it is working to its full potential. The more proactive your approach is with your maintenance, the better each equipment will perform and the stronger it will be against any malware attacks. By tuning up your technology on a regular basis, you always will be able to notice if there are any susceptibilities within the machine before a cyber-attack hits and better prevent any long-term effects that a security threat may have otherwise caused.

Invest in Managed IT Services

The last emerging trend that companies are taking advantage of to ensure their security is up to date is outsourcing their technology needs altogether to IT experts. Not only will a good managed IT service provider help you select the best secure technology equipment, but they will also help ensure that all of the above trends fit within your business plan so that you can focus on meeting your company goals.

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