Common IT Pitfalls & How to Avoid Them
 Common IT Pitfalls & How to Avoid Them

Technology has quickly become a necessity among businesses. With remote work becoming more common, this will only continue to grow over the years. Because of this, many companies have decided to revamp their internal IT teams to remain more competitive. Although IT is one of the best areas to invest in, there are also some common mistakes businesses make when it comes to their own internal team. Take a look at the common IT pitfalls so you can avoid them from impacting your business.

Putting Faith in One New Technology

We all want to find that miracle technology that is the end all be all. However, technology, like many things, cannot solve everything on its own. It needs to be teamed up with other technology to work at its highest efficiency. By relying on one piece of equipment, you may fix a short term problem, but this will not help you remain competitive in the long run. Putting all your eggs in one basket is a dangerous mentality with technology because it is ever changing, and at one point your technology will not be the most effective.

Not Considering Customer Needs

Many businesses associate the newest available technology with the solution to all their problems, but the focus still always needs to remain on the customer. Even if you think you have the perfect technology in place, if you do not consider the customer needs when building out the infrastructure, you will never see the results you want. Try to consider how each piece of technology will benefit your customer and always welcome feedback so you can find areas in your IT team to improve to meet their needs.

Lack of Automation

Not all technology is good technology and it has been proven that automation is an important piece to what businesses should incorporate in their infrastructure this year. Time is money and if you are still performing all of your routine tasks manually, you are missing out on significant portions of time that you could spend on other priorities. Owning the equipment isn’t enough. You must strategize on how you can use it to best deliver your products, and by automating your tasks, you will be able to spend your energy on more pressing matters.

No Emphasis on Security

It always goes to show that it is better to be safe than sorry and that does not differentiate itself with technology. Businesses who do not put the proper emphasis on investing in security are the ones who regret it. Whether you have in-office or remote employees, security should always remain top of mind as scammers are continuing to grow smarter and smarter. From investing in endpoint security solutions to mandating multi-factor authentication among all employee credentials, there are numerous ways you can secure your technology solutions. For further tips on how you can remain secure this summer, check out our blog.

Poor Training

The last and most simple tip (yet often forgotten) emphasizes the importance of training your IT team properly. As we mentioned earlier, security is such an important piece to any business, so making sure all employees understand how they can do their part to ensure your company remains secure is a must. Holding routine training sessions can help boost company morale as they will have better knowledge of how to use technology, which will allow them to complete their work with greater ease. Many companies choose to outsource their IT needs because it is easier to rely on experts than train professionals from scratch. If you are curious if that may benefit you, take a look at our blog “Is Outsourcing Right for your Business.”

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