How to Run Your Business Contactless

With technology on the rise in 2021, businesses must be able to adapt to the top trends. Although technology can be a touchy subject for small businesses, it is one that is essential. Contactless services, in particular, have received a rise in interest since the start of the pandemic. Customers take such a liking to these types of services because they offer a convenient and safe way of interacting with your company. Learn the three main ways that you can provide contactless services for your customers.

Mobile Apps

66% of Americans check their phones 160 times every day. With the majority of people deciding to spend their time on their phones, it’s important to meet them at their chosen channel, which can be done through mobile apps. Mobile apps can allow a more seamless experience to your customer whether they need to schedule an appointment, make purchases or learn more about your products. Having an app that is optimized to work for a mobile device offers an intriguing way to engage your customer from a far. In addition to the application itself, QR codes are another form of mobile technology that is helpful for a customer. QR codes allow a customer to pull up a landing page of your choice once they scan it with their phone. This is great for customers who are in the store physically but don’t want to waste paper or contract germs. Being able to provide a variety of contactless methods is essential to meeting each unique need of your customers.

Digital Payments

Another method that users choose to take advantage of because of its ease of use are digital wallets. In fact, Apple’s mobile payment app boasted 441 million users worldwide in 2019. With Bluetooth technology, customers can make purchases without ever having to swipe their card. Digital payments can also be used in the form of QR codes or mobile payments. Paying via a mobile wallet is enticing to customers because it is a hands off approach to making transactions but also offers some added security as it is tied to the purchase itself and not the credit or debit card. This also allows the customer to have greater control because they can set a limit to the amount of money they would like to spend in their digital wallet. The digital wallet also works with whatever mobile device your customer has, whether it is Google, Android or Apple. Therefore, it’s important to be able to accept each method.

Cloud Computing

The third type of contactless service that benefits businesses is cloud computing. Cloud computing is a type of online infrastructure which allows users access to shared servers in a secure manner. Meaning, employees can have access to all the data or files they need which comes in handy as more companies continue to move remote. Cloud computing can be used across a wide range of devices, from mobile to laptop, to remain accessible to any user. Offering cloud computing allows your business to have an abundance of data that is accessible at all times. With this, the information is all stored over the internet rather than your own server to make collaboration on projects more simple.

Don’t Forget About Security

Being able to provide these different forms of contactless services will surely set you apart from competition, but it may make you a target for cyber criminals. With scammers being on the rise like never before, it’s critical to make sure you are following all the best practices for keeping your business running securely. Read our top security tips for this summer so you can be at peace with providing these types of services to your customers.

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