Why Non-Profits Need IT

Non-profits are a critical piece of the community. Whether their mission aligns with volunteer work or simply has a positive impact on their industry, non-profit organizations are a competitive force in the business realm. However, if a non-profit does not invest in their IT like some of their for-profit competitors do, sadly their mission can quickly fall behind. Learn which areas can benefit from a technology update.

Boost Community Involvement

For many non-profit businesses, community service is a big part of their goals. Wouldn’t it be nice if promoting these values can be made easier? Luckily, technology can help. With social media channels becoming a prevalent way for companies that are for-profit to reach their consumers, there’s no reason why non-profits can’t benefit as well. One major way IT can help is by providing technology that is high speed so that you can remain connected to consumers at all times. Whether you are holding a virtual community service event or need a phone that has superior connection to receive donations, technology can help you communicate these needs better.

Improve Overall Productivity

The more tasks you automate with technology, the more time your employees will have to focus on planning their initiatives. For instance, rather than using a paper and pen to organize donation lists, high speed technology can help you not only keep this list up to date but finalize it quickly so you can return to other priorities. In addition, people are more likely to donate online than if they are put on the spot in person, so having online capabilities to do this can help you stand out as a non-profit. Even if you do currently use a computer to handle the majority of your tasks, if it is outdated, the overall performance of employees will suffer as a result. Technology has the ability to simplify a variety of tasks which can help speed them up so you can become more productive.

Promote Security

An important aspect to any business should be security. For-profit organizations are not the only target from phishing attempts and malware, nonprofits must be cognizant of these scams just as much. In fact, because non-profits typically have an abundance of personal information from donors, they are oftentimes considered a main target. That’s why investing in endpoint security platforms are essential to ensure that your customer information remains safe and costly data breaches don’t occur. Learn which technology can help your business remain secure in one of our recent blog posts.

Become More Competitive

In today’s day and age, technology is the difference between a company that is successful, and one that is not. This mentality does not exclude non-profits. By utilizing technology and assisting all the areas mentioned above, your non-profit can stand out among those that are not taking advantage of this same strategy.  As technology continues to become more critical, managed service providers are making it easy to have access to it.

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