4 Tried & True Strategies to Reduce Cost of IT
4 Tried & True Strategies to Reduce Cost of IT

Although all businesses are different, many have the same goal in mind: to make money. One way to achieve this is by finding areas that you can trim down on expenses while in the meantime, saving money. Because many small businesses have technology-cost related fears, oftentimes this is the first department they look at to cut. However, that mindset can lead you down a path of removing crucial areas entirely (for example security). To avoid this, look for deals that will allow you to capitalize on lowering your spending, all while keeping your essential technology running smoothly.

1. Automate Your Systems

If you’re seeking opportunities to save money, a task as simple as reducing the amount of work given to personnel may be your ticket. When you consider opportunities to cut spending, many times you look at physical objects. However, workers are often overlooked as an opportunity to cut back on. Labor costs can run extremely expensive, and if an employee has too much on their plate, the productivity levels begin to diminish. By automating the smaller scale functions, not only can you ensure the work is completed without errors, but you can also trim some of those hefty labor costs. Another massive expense that is not typically factored in, is the potential for total data loss. If your systems become corrupted with malware, and you lose all of your critical data, you can be looking at a hefty price tag (and time frame) to get it back. By automating your data management functions, you can have the peace of mind knowing that if a hacker does steal your information, you have it all backed up and it will not have a negative impact on your wallet.

2. Switch Up Your Hardware & Software

Technology is a very critical aspect to a business, so it’s important to not cut spending with a blind eye, but instead locate areas that offer an opportunity to save. For instance, in terms of hardware, there are many opportunities to run applications on less expensive devices. A managed service provider can help you understand which hardware solutions would work best with your business all while cutting down on spending. Also be sure to take a look at your software license and identify if there are any opportunities to cut back there. Do you actually use all of the functions that a premier license has to offer or does the basic version cover your needs? Many times, a basic level is more than enough for business functions, especially if the software is being used for smaller tasks. When it comes to cutting down on spending, it’s important to evaluate what you use that technology for so you can then find a better suited deal.

3. Take Advantage of the Cloud

If you want to take it step farther, and manage all of your functions at a lower price tag without physical hardware and software, there is the cloud. This isn’t a new concept, in fact 86% of companies already include cloud computing in their IT budget. But still, businesses get nervous with the idea of not owning a physical space for their technology. Cloud computing may not be for everyone, but if you are truly looking for ways to save on expenses, the cost of renting this virtual space (including storage and energy) are often less expensive when compared to owning the physical platforms. Not ready to fully transfer to the cloud? There are hybrid options available so you can get your feet wet with the concept, all while having the opportunity to see how much money it can really save you.

4. Invest in a Managed IT Service Provider

The final and arguably most beneficial way to save money is to outsource technology needs altogether to IT experts. Not only will this solve the expensive labor costs (as noted before), but it will also allow IT professionals to work with your budget to identify which technology systems are ideal for your business so you can focus on achieving your goals. Nutmeg Technologies is an IT managed service provider based out of Windsor, CT. We are happy to  assist companies who are looking to upgrade their technology needs through a variety of services. Contact us to start your outsourcing journey and find a product that best suits your business’s needs.