Use Microsoft Teams to Collaborate Securely

As experts continue to predict the future of IT, it’s clear that secure technology will be a critical portion of business success. However, many companies are unaware of the dangers that form when they don’t invest in the correct platform. Especially now, making the mistake of investing in an unsecure communication platform can make you vulnerable to cyber threats and malware. Finding a way for your remote employees to collaborate effectively and safely is of the utmost importance, learn how Microsoft Teams can get you there.

Text and Call Co-Workers Over the Phone & Video

There are many different ways your team can collaborate through Microsoft Teams. Whether you need to send a quick IM to another worker or host a call over the phone or video, Microsoft Teams provides numerous ways to meet with one another. Unfortunately, many communication platforms do not guarantee that these collaboration channels are safe for users to utilize. What sets Teams apart is that it uses end-to-end encryption to ensure that third party viewers do not have access to the contents being shared within these communication channels.

Share Confidential Documents

Most likely your business has hundreds of documents being shared between teammates a day – at a minimum! It’s important that the technology you use keeps all of this information stored safely and protected from outsiders trying to get their hands on it. Chances are, not every document being shared between workers is non-confidential. For that reason, investing in a platform like Microsoft Teams is essential. With Teams, each document is encrypted with Microsoft Information Protection which adds a sensitivity label to protect it as well as auto saves constantly so users will never lose the information being documented.

Safe Links

Another common channel team members communicate in is via their email, but this can leave an open door to various phishing attempts and viruses. Microsoft Teams is unique in that it utilizes a feature called “Safe Links” which provides URL scanning and time-of-click verification of URLs in links shared through emails. This can even be used to further protect conversations which occur in group chats with Teams. For additional tips on how to protect your company from phishing attacks, check out our recent blog.

Best Practices

Microsoft offers various best practice tips for employees using Teams. Make sure you take advantage of their best practices so you can get all Microsoft Teams has to offer in terms of security for your company:

  1. Invite-Only Lobby Setting: Control who has access to the meeting.
  2. Co-authoring Encryption: Allow multiple people to securely edit a document at the same time.
  3. Safe Links: Scan URLS in chat groups and emails to ensure they are safe to click on.

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