Tech Security Tips to Remember in the New Year!

Although 2021 may offer promising hope for many changes, hackers, unfortunately will not be one of them. This time of year offers a thin line between whether someone is wishing you well or trying to infiltrate your system and steal personal information. Luckily, Nutmeg Technologies is offering their top methods to keep you safe from scams during the craziest time of the year.

Beware of Intriguing Scams

There may be a lot to be excited about in the new year, but any bit of distraction can cost you or your business’s most sensitive data. With the sense of togetherness being felt now more than ever before, people may be more willing to let their guard down. However, now is as good a time as any to be on close watch for scams camouflaged as winter greetings. If the current pandemic has taught scammers anything, it is how to use user vulnerabilities to their advantage and steal critical data. From virus infected holiday ecards to impersonated phishing emails, hackers go through all the lengths possible to entice a victim into clicking on their link so they can access their data. Before you click on that new year greeting your boss emailed over, check with them personally to ensure it was indeed from them. More often than not, these emails are sent from hackers who are trying to gain access to your device.

Perform All the Necessary Maintenance

The best way to get a fresh start in the new year is to complete all of the necessary updates to your technology so they perform their best. If technology isn’t having the proper maintenance, they will stop functioning at their best ability which can make them more vulnerable to malicious attacks. No matter what security software you have, your first step in 2021 should be to ensure that it is up to date so you can prevent as many security threats from hitting your device as possible. As a company, it is even more prevalent to keep your technology up-to-date. That is one of the reasons businesses decide to outsource their technology needs. By investing in a qualified managed service provider, companies have technology experts at their service who will perform routine maintenance that is necessary for their equipment.

Change Your Passwords

Another simple change you can enforce in the new year is for everyone in your company to change their passwords. In fact, do this in your personal life as well. Having a unique and complicated password is essential to implement for every account you own. Make sure there are no duplicates and change each of them often. The trick is to make it as difficult as possible for a hacker to get a hold of them so try to include a variety of symbols and numbers. In 2021, it’s predicted that businesses will take advantage of two factor authentication for their accounts. By adding another layer of authentication to your account, you can further protect it from hackers who would now need an additional code to enter the platform. As scammers become more intelligent each year, your passwords need to adjust to a level above them to remain secure.

Do Routine Data Backup

In the unfortunate event that a scammer is able to infiltrate your system and erase critical data, it’s important you have the proper measures in place to get it back. Datto helps backup your information so that if this does occur, you can get it back without any stress or time wasted. No matter what system you have in place to back up your data, just make sure you do so routinely and if you currently don’t have that in place, make sure to prioritize this in the start of the new year. With the current pandemic, technology has proven to be all the more critical and that will follow into the new year and beyond. Make sure your business is acquainted with the top security products so you are able to remain competitive.

Always Prepare for the Worst

It’s always best to steer clear of scammers and prepare for the worst in case one of them decides to attack. Investing in endpoint security and participating in scheduled disaster recovery are both two huge ways you can ensure your business is ready for anything that comes its way. For any questions or inquiries, contact Nutmeg Technologies. We are happy to discuss all of your technology needs for 2021.