Technology to Simplify Your Workday

As we enter the last couple of months of the year, work may become a little more hectic. If you aren’t able to meet the many deadlines that are quickly approaching, it may cause you to fall behind – which is not an ideal start to 2021. Technology can offer the backup you need to ease your workday and allow yourself to prioritize the more important tasks. Get up to speed with tools that will help simplify your workload with Nutmeg Technologies’s top tips.

Secure Technology Now to Prevent a Headache Later

One major blockbuster that can disrupt your entire workday (or even workweek) is a virus attack. If a malicious malware enters your business’s network system, not only will employees no longer be able to work, but all of their projects may get wiped clean. To the headache of cleaning up after a vicious attack, Cisco Umbrella or SolarWinds can help give you the peace of mind needed so you know that your data will be protected. Another piece of technology that can help in case of disaster is Datto. Instead of starting from square one after an attack, Datto will back up all your sensitive data and so it can be back at your fingertips in no time. Once you have your endpoint security system in place, do a disaster recovery test to make sure it is working. Prep now and save a massive hardship from hitting your company.

Make Meetings High-Speed & Care-Free

Have you ever been on a video call where the other person’s face freezes every two minutes, or there is a delay in their voice. This kind of slow video call is a sure way to waste work time and make it more difficult than it needs to be. Having to ask “what did you say?” every two seconds to your co-workers or even worse clients, is a sure way to fall behind on your project goals. By using Avaya or Polycom headsets, you will notice a lack of fuzz which will simplify your meetings and allow you to get your point across much easier. Instead of worrying about how your video or phone system will perform in that important kickoff call, these tools can allow you to focus on what matters – the contents of the meeting itself.

Know Where Your Employees at All Times

As more and more employees switch to full-time remote life, the idea that they may not be 100% involved in their work, can keep a manager up at night. Feeling unsure if your workers’ focus is the same at home versus in the office, can distract you while you are supposed to be focusing on your critical projects. Or, if your fear comes true, you may notice a dip in performance level within their tasks. For peace of mind, the Cisco Meraki dashboard gives you insight into what employees are clicking on and how they are spending their work hours. If you have started to welcome more employees back into the office, camera systems like Millstone and Axis can give you first-hand access into what they are doing and how they are performing while you are remote. Rather than finding time in your busy day to check up on each employee individually, receive the insight you need from tools that are there to help make management a little easier.

Become Better Organized

Good organization skills can be the make or break it when it comes to staying on task and completing your projects. With Ring central’s desktop app, you will never miss a video or phone call from work as it links those meetings directly to your phone. Encourage employees to download this app, so you can make it easy to keep in touch with them at all times. If it’s hard for you to keep track of your meetings, you can also utilize Microsoft 365 to create a calendar so it is at your fingertips and available to check up on whenever you need. It also offers real time notifications so you won’t miss a single event. Let the technology do the planning for you and make for an easier workday with these helpful technology apps.

Kick Off Your Simplified Work Day Today

The easiest way to ensure your workday becomes more simple when life gets more hectic is by outsourcing your technology needs to an expert so you can get them off your hands. Nutmeg Technologies can assist companies who are looking to make working simple with technology that can be used for employees who are in-office workforce and remote. Contact us to find a product that best suits your company’s needs.