Why Scheduled Disaster Recovery Testing is Crucial

If huge corporations like Garmin can fall victim to cyberattacks, everyone is truly vulnerable. Fraudsters are claiming victims faster than ever before thanks to fears attached to the current pandemic. Even if you think you have the perfect security solution on hand, you never will quite understand what can come of an attack unless you test it regularly. Learn how scheduled disaster recovery is a crucial method to ensure your business remains secure at a time when it is most vulnerable.

What is Disaster Recovery Testing & How it Works?

Perhaps you have just invested in an endpoint security system and are extremely happy with the results. Unfortunately, just because you have a strong solution at hand doesn’t mean you know for sure it’s going to work. In fact, there were over 1,500 data breaches just last year, with the average cost being a whopping $3.92 million. Data breaches are costly and take hold of extremely sensitive data. That being said, disaster recovery testing analyzes whether or not your current systems are equipped to handle such an attack. That way, you have the validation you need to know that your business can survive IT failure. Testing can be done via three methods: through an on-site business continuity device, cloud-to-onsite location or offsite-cloud virtualization. Working with a managed service provider like Nutmeg Technologies, can help give the proof you need to ensure your backup software is functioning properly.

Why Scheduled Testing & How Frequently?

Typically, it’s recommended that companies do disaster recovery plan testing regularly, at least a few times per year. If you choose to skip out on regular testing you’re putting your company at risk. Data loss can come from a variety of scenarios like IT failure, flood or fires, human error, cyberattacks and more. In addition, the amount of hours it would take to try to recover from the damage data loss caused will be irreplaceable.

In order to prepare yourself from losing both time and money from the misfortunate event of massive data loss, we suggest you conduct frequent tests with a managed service provider of your choice. Think of it like a fire drill, a simple test to prepare you for an event you hope doesn’t occur, but you definitely want to be prepared for in case it does. IT failure can take days, even weeks to recover. You may never be able to regain that time back. DR testing can be something you add to your routine a few times a year to ensure that if data loss does occur, you experience as little downtown as possible.

Some Tips from Datto

IT provider Datto provides highly reputable data protection products, and strongly encourages companies to try scheduled disaster recovery. Three tips that Datto suggests for those interested in DR testing are: 1) Choose technology that facilitates testing, 2) define the score of testing whether it will be locally or through the cloud and 3) test regularly to prevent IT failure.

With more ways for IT failures to occur and more fraudsters looking for holes to break into systems, it’s crucial you partake in regular testing. Nutmeg Technologies can assist companies who are in need of testing or want to invest in secure technology products. Contact us today to find a product that best suits your company’s needs.