Working Remotely Is The New Norm!

Thanks to the everyday demand and complications the pandemic has brought to our workplace, bringing back some familiarity can help us feel normal again. For many companies, the coronavirus taught them that working remotely full-time is completely possible thanks to sustainable technology. However, is working remotely necessarily the best method for our happiness? For our own mental clarity, oftentimes we need to switch up our routine. After months of staring at the same office and living space, employees can improve their work performance and satisfaction by having the flexibility to choose where they want to work in a given day. Explore the positives that your employees can receive by working both in the office and remote.

1. Diversified Surroundings

When it’s expected to eat, sleep and work all in the same location, projects and deadlines get stale quickly. It’s no secret that the quarantine has radically changed all of our routines, however now we have the opportunity to bring back some control. If your business follows the safety protocol measures to re-open, it’s in the best interest of your employees to encourage them to switch up their everyday routine. Even one or two days a week in the office can help workers get back on track. By allowing your employees to make their own schedule, it will give them control over their workdays once again. Security cameras like Axis can even help you monitor which employees decide to visit the office on any given day, so you can keep track. To make your co-workers feel more at ease with returning to work, encourage them to customize their office space however they prefer. This will make them feel more welcomed and comfortable going back and forth.

2. Increased Accountability

When the cat's away the mice will play. You don’t want to believe the saying is true, but oftentimes it takes being face to face with our managers, to remind ourselves of the severity of completing our projects. If you feel distant from your co-workers and want to loop them back into your work life, invite them to return to the office for half days to start off. Even if you are not in the office on the same day as your employees, the simple act of them being back there will force them to take it more seriously. If you are worried whether or not your employees are working on everything they are supposed to when remote, Cisco Meraki’s dashboard provides visibility into everything they’re working on. Bring accountability back to the workday for your employees and encourage them to try working in the office space once again.

3. Improved Productivity

Once employees have the freedom to mix up their work location, you will notice an increase in productivity levels. Not only will the change of routine spark interest for them to stay focused on each individual task, but it will have a positive impact on their efficiency. One’s environment has a great effect on his or her ability to concentrate on critical tasks, Therefore, by keeping them on their toes with a dynamic routine, it will boost their brain activity when working on prevalent projects. If you noticed productivity is a lingering issue with employees, try RingCentral’s desktop app. The new app helps users stay organized both in the office and at home, so they have everything they need to do their best work.

4. Experience All Communication Methods

Written and verbal communication are both essential skills for any respectable worker to have. While remote, there have been great technology products available like Microsoft 365 and Avaya to keep all communication held virtually simple and fluent. However, to prevent verbal communication from experiencing a halt, it is just as important to have workers re-visit the office and hold their meetings in person. As long as the meeting rooms cater to CDC guidelines, it’s imperative to not let their skillset die out, so they can remain as well rounded in communication as possible. If employees are not quite ready to return to the office for their conferences, you can hold video meetings to help them regain their confidence. That way, whether they return to the office a couple days a week (or even a couple hours), they have the confidence to communicate their ideas in person once again.

Open up a Flexible Work Schedule for Your Employees Today

As we promote more of a mixture between working from home and in the office, some businesses may find it beneficial to allow their workers to pick their own schedule for years to come. Nutmeg Technologies can help line businesses up with technology products to keep them running smoothly for both in-office and remote workers. Contact us to provide your employees with the best tools to boost productivity and overall satisfaction.