Everything to Know About Endpoint Security

With millions of hackers active in the world, no business is safe. Businesses are increasingly being targeted for malware attacks to extort a random – a recent example is the multinational technology company Garmin, who had to pay $10 million as a result of a cyberattack. Obtaining a thorough software solution that can provide endpoint protection is no longer an option for companies, it's a requirement to survive. Learn all there is to know about endpoint security so your company can best protect itself at a time where fraudsters are at their peak.

What is Endpoint Detection and Response?

Years ago, generic antivirus software served its purpose and was able to protect devices from the majority of viruses out there. However, the intelligence of today's malicious attacks can easily infiltrate these outdated systems, which is why next-gen antivirus is stepping to the plate. Next-gen antivirus software focuses on the activity of user devices rather than trying to match everything to a list of all the malware ever seen - so the entry points are blocked from malware trying to enter the system much more effectively. As a robust and reliable technology backing continues to become all the more essential for business success, especially with so many people accessing cloud system from their home computer and their personal mobile phone, it’s important to remember that businesses must also be responsible for these new systems. If companies do not take the time to invest in the appropriate protection, they may end up suffering from serious financial consequences.

Why Endpoint Protection?

Because we are still battling the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, scammers are at an all-time high and making it a point to break into business systems while they are scrambling to adapt to the new normal. Companies who do not want to fall victim to yet another data attack must remain cognizant and provide diligent endpoint protection to remain afloat. With data being the most valuable asset for a company, thieves are continuously on the prowl to break into the network or online systems and gain complete control over the whole institution. If you don’t want attackers to have access to your business’s and your clients information, it’s crucial you do your homework and invest in a security solution that has all the essential attributes.

Features to Look for in a Security Solution

As more businesses switch between being physical and remote, the technology meant to protect their network must be able to hold its weight. Sadly, not all security solutions work the same, so it’s critical to find one that has the necessary features to successfully provide endpoint protection. See the top five features Nutmeg recommends you look for in your next endpoint security software:

  1. AI for virus detection, which provides thorough insights on the attack and when it started and can prevent things like one workstation being used as an attack platform to infect the whole network.
  2. Quick and seamless remediation so it can roll-back the effects of the attacks immediately.
  3. Machine learning so it can detect zero-day threats before they hit.
  4. Data loss prevention, so critical information remains protected.
  5. Firewall integration to guard against network attacks.
  6. Ensure your security solution offers the top five features so your business receives all the endpoint protection that is needed.

Outsource IT for Ultimate Protection

To guarantee you obtain the best possible endpoint security solution, it may be best to seek a reputable managed service provider. Nutmeg Technologies works with breakthrough providers Cisco Umbrella and SolarWinds to provide the best endpoint protection for businesses. Contact us to learn more and get acquainted with the ideal solution for your company.