Importance of Physical Security & Surveillance

As more businesses open and employees return to work in the office, it’s important to revisit processes that used to hold high importance, like physical security. In a world of remote work, the principle of protecting against cybercrimes have become the forefront of every institutions’ operations. However, as business returns to its usual state, it’s essential to consider the physical aspect of crimes as well as the virtual. Explore all the positives physical security can bring your company.

Peace of Mind

From expenses to production needs, businesses have a lot to worry about. However, out of all of these apprehensions, theft shouldn’t be one of them. By utilizing surveillance, you receive that extra set of eyes to not only capture the shoplifter, but recover your stolen belongings in the process. Unfortunately, without a tool to witness the crime, a thief will most likely get away scot-free.

It’s important to note that if you do invest in a security camera, make sure to grab one that shoots visibly in any lighting. Many turn to Axis Network Cameras as they are simple devices that capture anything in HD no matter the environment. The thought of having a video camera to monitor employees may warrant a few hesitations, however if COVID-19 has proven anything, it is that technology is going to become all the more useful for many years to come.

Improvements to Productivity

Are you 100% confident that all your employees work their full hours? Do you wonder if there is any room for improvement in productivity for either yourself or your workers? Consider the time you may save when you don’t have to monitor employee activity yourself. Not only will you receive more time to focus on opportune tasks, but your employees will be pushed to work harder. Once you make it clear that there is video surveillance, personnel will have no choice but to remain on task, leaving you with more time to concentrate on other business matters.

Employee productivity may be a sore subject, but it’s a crucial area to narrow in on for the success of the workplace. Cisco Meraki Security Cameras provides a streamlined way to for secure management and thorough visibility on site. From motion heat maps to object detection, you will be able to closely monitor what your employees are doing at all times and better yet, see if any are slacking off.

Reduction of Workplace Incidents

Although many companies view their co-workers as family, the sad truth is sometimes employees can take advantage of their employer. In fact, a whopping 75% of employees admit to have stolen from their employer - with 38% even going back for seconds. Not only can surveillance help catch these bad apples, it can also help prevent them from ever doing harm in the first place. Many thieves are deterred from committing the crime once they know there are cameras put in place. In addition to catching theft, security cameras can also help to resolve issues between co-workers, giving you the chance to dismantle it.

Unfortunately, many scammers use the coronavirus to leverage fears and that does not stop at cyber-attacks. If a fellow co-worker knows their boss is going to work from home for a few days, nothing will stop them from stealing or creating mischief among the office. For a secure video management software, check out Milestone Software, which you can run across all cameras to make the monitoring process simpler.

Seek A Managed Service Provider

The thought of anyone taking what is rightfully yours or vandalizing a place you call your second home, can be unsettling. Nutmeg Technologies is here to provide assistance during this scary time, by helping your business find the most optimal technology. Contact us today for further assistance.