5 Ways Cisco Meraki Helped Businesses Work Remotely

Now that more companies are returning to the workforce, it’s time to reflect on which technology platforms held up their end of the bargain when demand was at an all-time high. Cloud dashboard Cisco Meraki led the path for secure high-speed connections so businesses could continue their activities safely with no disruptions. Explore the ways Meraki enables businesses to thrive in work from home environments and withstand the hardships that come from pandemics like COVID-19.

1. Secure Wi-Fi Connection

Company Wi-Fi networks became a huge target among COVID-19 fraudsters as more employees worked remotely and became susceptible to attacks. In order for employers to have a deep look into how employees are using their devices on their network, Meraki Dashboard enables users to monitor how each tablet is being used and take control of any threats from wherever they are located. Between endpoint, network, and physical security, Meraki uses various forces to guard end-user devices with malware protection and keep all critical data secure.

2. Mobile & Tablet Visibility

As remote work became a forefront on every non-essential business’s minds, various IT concerns arose as additional personal devices were added to the mix. However, Cisco Meraki was able to heal this stress, as they not only provided various solutions that can be accessed via a mobile device or tablet, but employers also received smart access points with valuable insights about the usage of each hooked device. This way, employers could easily monitor employee progress from wherever they were located and identify potential bottlenecks.

3. High-Speed Virtual Meetings

The world may have taken a pause during the pandemic, but numerous businesses were forced to continue as critical stand-up meetings between clients and co-workers ensued. Conferences, whether internal or external, could not be put off, which is why Cisco Meraki’s platform came in handy. Meraki allowed personnel to continue to interact virtually with each other and brainstorm innovative ideas. With the comfort of knowing each employee was safely connected to the company network from their individual homes, workers were able to communicate with their teammates securely and at top speed.

4. Distance Learning Technology

Corporate businesses were not the only industry that Cisco Meraki was able to help during the pandemic, but education systems also benefited from their services. At a time where students couldn’t sit in a classroom together, distance learning picked up and Meraki’s dashboard was able to be of assistance. Meraki ensured students had access to collaboration tools, so they could learn and communicate from wherever they were located and receive real-time notifications from professors throughout the day. Explore the University of North Carolina’s experience with Cisco Meraki to see the full effects of this product.

5. IT for Health Care Workers

Especially during a time like this, it’s no doubt health care workers help keep the world go around. This is why Cisco Meraki made sure to protect these users and allow them to continue doing what they do best – saving lives. To keep secure patient information in-tact, Meraki allows users to restrict access to certain devices and erase total functionality of the connected device if it gets stolen or lost. Health care personnel can also enjoy end-to-end visibility of all of the clinic via the dashboard so they can have additional control and protection over this data.

Try Cisco Meraki for Yourself

Cisco Meraki, along with additional Tech Giants, has devoted their resources to assist companies in need during a time when they were most in demand. Moving forward, it’s clear how critical it will be for businesses to invest in modern technology to survive post-pandemic. If you are interested in learning more about Cisco Meraki or alternative technology services, Nutmeg Technologies is happy to assist. Contact us to find a product that best suits your company’s needs.