How to Operate Your Business Securely Both in the Office & Remote

The Coronavirus Pandemic has made drastic changes in the lives of business owners. From the extreme increase of remote workers, to re-adjusting to in-office life, businesses must learn how to keep all of their processes secure – no matter where their employees are stationed. COVID-19 has sparked spikes in cyber-attacks, making it critical to indulge in break-through technology to remain safe. Explore which security equipment is best to invest in, so employees working in the office and at home are protected.

In-Office Technology

As we move further into future re-opening phases and more businesses return to work, it’s important to ensure all technology can keep up with harmful threats.

  1. Refresh virus software: Make certain your virus software up to date as it is an essential piece to protecting your business from viruses. Once the pandemic is over, technology is expected to become even more critical for businesses survive, which puts a larger emphasis on making sure it is of the upmost quality. To stay clear of hackers, validate that you are using the most updated security software and perform these upgrades daily
  2. Provide firewall security: On top of the generic virus software you may already have installed, it’s important to invest in a thorough firewall security. This way you can monitor incoming and outgoing network traffic, while blocking threatening data from entering your company. Cloud security service Cisco Umbrella now includes firewall and logs all malicious activity, blocking unwanted traffic.
  3. Backup your data: Saving files and storing them in a secure database can prevent wasting time on potential lost or stolen information. Datto Cloud Backup performs frequent cloud backups so that in the event of an attack, you are able to roll back to a point in time before the attack occurred and retrieve lost or stolen data
  4. Train employees: Employees should be mindful of links they click on whether it is something sent to them via email or found on an online website.  With almost 90% of data breaches resulting from human error, the need for employees to get up-to-date on security knowledge is palpable. The more awareness employees have about cyber threats, the less likely they will be to fall victim to them and create havoc for your business.

Sustainable IT for Remote Work

As more companies warm to the idea of full-time remote employees, a whole new world of security needs to be established.

  1. Know what devises are attached to the network: Those who work from home typically have several digital devices, whether it be a tablet or Amazon Alexa, which can transfer vulnerabilities to the company if connected to the same network. To avoid attacks, ensure each device endpoint completely stands for itself, so it is disassociated to the company network.
  2. Utilize the virtual private network (VPN): By establishing a virtual private VPN, it allows remote works to securely connect to the company’s network and prevent attacks from coming through. For remote workers who like to connect to public Wi-Fi like coffee shops, connecting through the VPNs will encrypt the internet traffic of the remote worker, and thereby monitor for any suspicious activity that could cause a virus.
  3. Cloud applications: Cloud applications, when used to handle business tasks permits employees to not only work from any location, but to do so safely and securely. Microsoft Office 365 allows users to access their office applications such as email, calendars and file-sharing tools easily through their mobile device. While Microsoft Teams and RingCentral’s Desktop app, lets personnel connect with co-workers and clients virtually via crisp and secure audio and video web meetings.
  4. Follow similar procedures as you would in the office: Password protection processes, firewalls, virus software, cybersecurity training all should still be within your practice when it comes to workers with at home offices. Ensure all of these protocols remain in your practice moving forward with the re-opening stage.

Seek a Managed IT Service Provider for Cyber Security

“Business as usual” is picking back up, however that doesn’t mean that everything will go back to as we knew it. More and more companies are driving remote work and seeing the benefits of doing so. If you’re unsure if your business is set up for success, you can perform a cybersecurity audit to discover what security needs you are missing. Nutmeg Technologies can assist companies who are looking to utilize both in-office and remote workforce, through a variety of secure technology services. Contact us to find a product that best suits your company’s needs.