Technology Will Be Critical Post COVID-19
Technology Will Be Critical Post COVID-19

As we enter additional re-opening phases, we have been able to witness companies both suffer and prevail from the pandemic. For instance, businesses that have successfully adapted to the changing needs of their consumers, came out shining. As a result of social distancing, consumers have learned the true benefits of technology and are still seeking simplicity whether it be through banking, shopping, or even going to the doctor. As companies continue to fully reopen, it’s important to listen to these needs and understand the long-lasting effects this pandemic has had on our society.

Industries Will Go Virtual That Have Never Gone Before

If the Coronavirus impacted one thing on businesses, it is the realization that technology is powerful and extremely useful. Industries who otherwise would never have thought twice about becoming fully virtual, are started to make drastic changes. For instance, the medical industry is moving more towards telehealth services. Nursing homes are even expected to incorporate digital health devices like wearable health trackers and wireless monitoring systems, so employees can be notified of movement or potential falls from wherever they are located. In addition, regular doctor visits may continue to be digital as more forms of remote tracking enter the market.

Institutions who had employees work fully remote for the past couple of months may have found it better for productivity and finances as they did not have to pay for typical costs associated with their office space. In fact, these businesses may choose to have their employees continue to work remote post-COVID-19 as technology has eliminated the need to purchase a building and pay for employees to be stationed there. Popular platforms that have brought great ease and efficiency to companies amid the pandemic have been Microsoft 365 and RingCentral. Microsoft 365 provides a full range of productivity apps so all employees can work completely remote and deliver their tasks securely and seamlessly. While, RingCentral delivers a new desktop that enables users to effortlessly switch between team messaging, video meetings, and phone calls.

Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Will Spike

As remote work continues to become a top priority, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and cloud-based solutions will continue to rise. Between holding virtual meetings among employees, or providing digital solutions to customers, businesses must invest in this trending technology. These forms of products allow institutions to continue doing what they would have if the virus never existed. Companies can now host virtual events, schools can remain open when students are not able to physically be there, and businesses can hold essential meetings with shareholders in a completely virtual environment.

Technology companies are running the market and many of them are making their products and services more affordable. Currently, Avaya is giving away free phones for users who sign up for a 3-year subscription of Avaya Cloud Office by RingCentral. Cloud office allows co-works to call, chat, meet, and collaborate in virtual team rooms through one easy-to-use app.

Cybersecurity Becomes Even More Necessary

As the demand for virtual infrastructure continues to grow, cyber-attacks become more likely to occur. With this pandemic especially, hackers are on the prowl to steal critical business information. However, businesses shouldn’t let this fear prevent them from investing in technology and remaining competitive. Instead, they need to educate themselves on top solutions that will protect their company from these likely threats and understand the basic virus protection software is no longer enough.

  • Umbrella
    Cisco Umbrella works inside and outside the office. Even if an employee is connected to your DNS via their smartphone, they can still bring in potential malware if they enter untrustworthy websites. To prevent this, Umbrella checks that website against a known database of questionable websites and blocks it before they get there.
  • Datto
    Datto Cloud Backup Storage and Recovery takes stolen data and sends it to their cloud-disaster recovery system. Rather than losing this data forever, Datto allows you to constantly back up all secure files so your employees will be able to quickly restore their work if anything happens to it.

Although businesses may be wary of IT investments, they will need to adapt in order to survive post-pandemic. Connecting with a managed service company like Nutmeg Technologies can help ensure you are in the best spot to remain competitive in the new changing market. Contact us to learn which technology would suit your company best.