4 Major IT Concerns for Small Businesses

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, technology has become essential for businesses. Not only does investing in IT allow companies to remain competitive, but it also determines if they will be able to survive. Even so, small companies are extremely wary to invest in IT services. The price point, shortage of available experts, rapidly changing products, and lack of security, is typically enough to deter many small busineses from the idea.

That’s why Nutmeg Technologies wants to debunk the four major IT concerns, so when your small business re-opens, you will understand how to avoid these pain points and become a top player in this high-tech environment.

1. High Price Point
Money is always on the top of any business's mind, no matter their size. Especially for smaller companies, the idea of spending a portion of their budget towards a seemingly unnecessary service, like a technology upgrade, can be scary. However, it’s important to consider the ROI that can be received from investing in these products, which often makes it worth it in the end. In fact, there are many affordable technology options that are available to help your company become more digital and not break the bank.

Technology companies know the financial struggle small businesses have, especially during our current situation. Many of them are offering specials and free services to help make their products more affordable. One topic that is becoming extremely prevalent, especially as a result of the pandemic, is the need for a reliable communication platform to help sustain remote workers. If want to take advantage of a current promotion to make this investment more affordable, Avaya is offering free phones with a 3-year Cloud Office subscription.

2. Few Available Staff
Another concern that small businesses have about IT solutions is being able to find and afford employees who know how to manage technology. IT experts are hard to come by, and can except a high price tag for those who are hiring. Between having to set aside time to train these individuals and pay for their expensive salary, small companies often like to ditch the idea altogether.

One way many small businesses choose to solve this problem is through a partnership with a managed IT service provider. In fact, around 37% of small businesses choose to outsource their technology. This takes the headache out of seeking qualified individuals, paying a competitive wage, and wasting time towards training them. Managed service providers will also help match the best services to meet your company’s needs. For instance, certain technology platforms, like Ring Central’s Avaya Cloud Office for Microsoft Teams cover all the basics, so you don't have to invest in numerous services.

3. Technology is Ever-changing
Small businesses also fear that once they finally find a technology to add to their corporation, trends will quickly change and the one they last purchased will become outdated. The idea of constantly having to upgrade technology sounds costly and frustrating for employees who are just finding out how to manage the old platform.

Managed service providers help to ensure that you are linked to the most advanced technology that is right for your company's needs. One common misconception is that technology isn’t flexible enough to sustain future demands. However, by investing in a reliable cloud service platform, like Microsoft Teams, your company will be able to continuously meet the trends of the market and keep up with competition.

4. Security
The utmost concern that IT brings to small businesses is the idea that technology increases the risk of security threats. This fear is valid, especially during pandemics like the one we are currently in, as scammers are on the prowl for any chance to obtain secure information. However, the best way to combat these attacks are through a developed security platform, as generic anti-virus solutions are simply no longer enough.

Small businesses need to invest in protection, so they can form a barrier from these viruses. Cisco Umbrella is a sturdy virus-protection platform that blocks harmful threats at the DNS layer, preventing them entering your system and stealing crucial information. Datto, on the other hand, allows you to constantly backup all secure files. So if they do end up stolen, your employees will be able to quickly restore their work and not waste a beat.

How Nutmeg Technologies Can Help
At Nutmeg Technologies, we want to help you stay focused on growing your business and communicate better both internally and externally.

Especially during these challenging times, technology is essential for businesses to grow and compete. However, we understand there are many concerns that come along with updating a small business's IT services. Contact us to discuss how we can make your fears go away, by matching you with the ultimate technology services to last you through any pandemic, or just the typical workday.