Tech Companies Offering Free Resources for Remote Workers

COVID-19, also known as the Coronavirus, has caused widespread panic. While we do not know what impact this virus will have on the United States at this time, many businesses are planning emergency responses that include workers performing their jobs remotely. 

Fortunately, some tech companies have stepped up to the plate to help businesses transition to working remotely by offering their services for free. Companies transitioning to workers performing their jobs remotely can take advantage of: 


According to Business Insider, Microsoft is offering a free trial of the premium version of its Microsoft Teams app for businesses to use for communication and collaboration. Employees can chat, participate in video meetings, record video meetings, and share their screens. 


Google announced in a blog post that they will now allow businesses who use G Suite and are transitioning to working remotely to acess their enterprise version of Hangouts Meet for free. According to Google's announcement, businesses can take advantage of videoconferencing including:

  • Up to 250 participants per call
  • Live streaming for up to 100,000 viewers in a single domain
  • Recording meetings and saving them to Google Drive


LogMeIn posted on their website that they offering Emergency Remote Work kits for 3 months to healthcare providers, educational instituions, municipalities, and nonprofits that aren't already current customers. Their Emergency Remote Work kit offers the use of select LogMeIn products for free. These products include: 

  • Meet: collaborate in meetings from desktop, mobile or web 
  • Host: deliver presentations for up to 3,000 attendees remotely
  • Access: remote workers can access their work desktop from remote locations
  • Support: provide web-based support to customers, end users, and their technology

Cisco Webex

Cisco released an announcement on their blog on how they will support remote workers during this time. To do their part, Cisco is offering a free trial of Cisco Webex. Cisco Webex allows workers to collaborate remotely. The additional features Cisco is including with this include no time restrictions on usage and up to 100 participants. This will be provided to businesses transitioning to working remotely (who are not current customers) at no cost for 90 days. 


While Zoom offers a free version of its videoconferencing software to businesses they are currently testing its network to ensure that it can handle the increase in usage, according to a blog post on their website. They are also scheduling informational sessions and including resources for businesses who are new to the platform.

Besides the free offerings, many tech companies are also increasing their support offerings as businesses adjust to remote work and new technology.