Managed Services 101
Managed Services 101

Technology is constantly evolving, which brings new challenges and cyberthreats. Managed IT services help your business manage these new threats and challenges by keeping the right technology and monitoring in place. Whether your business is seeking disaster recovery, network support, PC support, cloud services, or firewall security, you need a managed IT provider who takes the time to fully understand your business to deliver the right solutions. It is valuable to align your IT operations with your business strategy to achieve success. An IT provider will keep you informed of any changes so you can manage your business, not your technology. Managed IT support services offer businesses many benefits

How Managed IT Services Enhance your Business

1. Peace of mind: It's important to be aware of how prevalent and advanced cyberattacks are. Hackers are constantly developing new tactics. Managed IT services will provide you with peace of mind knowing your network is being constantly monitored for any issues that may arise. IT providers are aware of the tactics of cybercriminals, so they know what to look for.

2. Immediate response time: As a business, being available for customers to reach you is crucial. Systems can go down at any time and unless you're available 24/7, your business will suffer. Don't lose business to a competitor due to downtime. Many IT providers are available for support 24/7/365, so you can keep your network up and running no matter when an issue occurs.

3. Staying up-to-date: Using old, new and different technologies together is a main contributing factor to cybersecurity issues. This is common when businesses update various systems without updating them all, increasing vulnerability. Managed IT providers will ensure that all your equipment is up-to-date. One insecure component has the potential to jeopardize your entire system. 

4. IT budget reduction: Having an in-house IT technician available 24/7 can be expensive. It is typically cheaper to outsource your IT to a business who already has technicians available 24/7. Managed service providers take care of your business's IT needs with minimal overhead. This allows for a reduction in your IT budget, allowing the money saved to be used elsewhere to enhance your business.

5. Increased company productivity: Managed service providers streamline the operations of your business to reduce the unnecessary expenditures, improving your company's net earnings. You can rest assured knowing that your business's technology is taken care of. 

6. Staying in compliance: Were you aware that Microsoft announced the end of extended support for Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server R2? If not, then your IT provider isn't keep you updated on what's occurring with your technology. By not migrating to a version newer than 2008 of Windows, your business is at risk of being out of compliance with industry regulations such as PCI Compliance and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). By having an efficient provider, you will always be aware of any upgrades or changes that need to be made to your technology.

7. Free up in-house IT staff: For businesses that have in-house IT staff, enlisting the help of a managed service provider frees up your internal resources. While a managed service provider is focusing on your company's IT and infrastructure, your IT department can focus on other goals, such as innovation and growth. 

Our Managed IT Service Process

1. Discovery: We find out how your business runs and what is important to you and your customers. We then take an in-depth look at your IT infrastructure. 

2. Education: Our team of sales engineers will guide you through your options to maintain and improve your IT environment.

3. Implementation: Our experts work with your team to deploy new hardware and software solutions that allow your business to increase the productivity and efficiency of each user. 

4. Training: After implementation we make sure that employees know what services are available to them and how to access them.

5. Management: We deliver consistent processes and communication. Our approach streamlines incident management, security management, release management and patch management.

6. Continued support & monitoring: As your partner, we stay by your side to mitigate threats and respond to incidents as they occur. We continually evaluate your technology for improvements and keep track of your assets through the use of up-to-date status reports. Knowing the age and life expectancy of your equipment allows you to plan your IT budget with confidence.