Watch Out for Tech Support Scam

There's a new, believable scam currently being implemented by hackers that Chrome and Firefox users need to be aware of. This scam alerts users that there is a "serious operating-system error" that requires a professional to fix it. Hackers take control of the window.navigator.msSaveOrOpenBlob interface to send pop-ups and save a file to a disk over and over, which freezes your desktop. With a frozen desktop, users are unable to switch screens or close any pages.

What it will look like

It is likely that your system will freeze after receiving the pop-up from hackers. The pop-up will say that your ISP has been blocked, your information is at risk, and to call a Microsoft number that is included on the pop-up. Although it appears your system has been compromised, do not call the number listed as it is a scam. If you do call the number, scammers disguised as Microsoft employees will be on the other line. They will then try to convince you to provide your credit card number to fix the nonexistent problem.

What to do

It's important to not panic and to remember that your computer doesn't have a virus. Do not call the number that appears on the pop-up, as that is the goal of the hackers. I have received this pop-up on my home laptop and have simply restarted it. Since the pop-up freezes your screen, it is impossible to close out of it by clicking. You can also press ctrl+alt+delete for Windows Task Manager or use the macOS Force Quit Feature on the Apple Menu.

A representative from Google released a statement saying that they are "aware of the issue and are working on addressing it." Firefox officials are working on a solution as well. Until a solution is found, it's important to remember to stay calm and don't call the number.

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